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How do I hook a Playstation 2 up to my PC monitor?

Asked by erik (63points) January 7th, 2007
I have DVI and VGA inputs into my PC monitor, and the PS2 apparently has S-video out (although I only see an 'AV MULTI OUT' output), is there some kind of adapter that will let me hook my PS2 up to my PC?
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First question: does your PC's video card happen to have an input for S-Video or RCA? If yes you can use that.
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Otherwise, you're probably looking for a more generic tv to vga adapter, like this one:
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(no affiliation to those guys)
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I can see an S-video slot at the back of my computer, but how do I know that it will take S-video input as well as output? I only ask because my mac powerbook has S-video but it appears to be only output. sorry for being such a newb :)
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You would want to hook up the S-video to the monitor, not the computer. If the computer's a laptop, I don't know that you'll be able to hook it up at all.
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ah, I was hoping to send the signal through my computer, guess that's not possible. well my monitor has no s-video input, so I guess I'm off to buy a RCA->VGA adapter. thanks for the help!

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