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The Phalanx bone on my thumb appears as it is pushed forward more than it should be, is there any way to fix it?

Asked by LeopardGecko (1237points) January 1st, 2010

I was playfighting with my brother a couple years back and hurt my thumb in the process. I went to a doctor and he had dismissed it has it being sprained. Whenever I put my two hands together and stretch my thumbs back as far as they can go, my left thumb goes further towards me than my right. There is a noticeable bump where the phalanx connects to my metacarpal bone as well, making it more angled inwards than my other thumb. I can’t place it over my fist as well as I can my other thumb and sometimes if I hit it against something it will make a “pop” and I’ll have terrible pain.

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What kind of doctor did you go to? You need to go to an othopedic surgeon with all this information.

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OK, great, you proved that you know the names of the bones in your hand. You came to us for a second opinion. None of us can see or articulate your hand/thumb. Why would you not seek a second opinion from a doctor?
That is. I assume you want a second opinion. I don’t actually see a question anywhere, so I could be mistaken.
Go see the ortho guy.

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Alternatively, I think there’s an asjustment between your thumb and index finger. Just open the flap, and give the knob a ¼” turn with a 3/16” allen wrench…

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@HungryGuy hehehehehe. “Igor want girl!”

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@Trillian – Yes I do know the bones in my hand! Do you not know your own? I came here not to prove something but to ask if it can be fixed…maybe somebody else has something like this, hey? I guess you never thought about that in midst of you thinking I had to “prove” something by using the correct names for the bones. Do you need for me to dumb it down so your wittle bwain can undastand? As well as this, I do know that you cannot do anything to my thumb. You wouldn’t be able to since this is the internet and not weal wife! If you don’t see a question anywhere you’re as stupid as I think you’re making yourself out to be. I think somebody needs to go back to school because they’re losing brain cells!

p.s I’m being sarcastic….just so there isn’t any confusion, I know you have issues.

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@LeopardGecko – We can’t give you a diagnosis based on the information you’ve given. All that anyone here can tell you is that a surgeon will likely order x-rays and maybe a CAT scan to see the position of your bones. If there’s swelling in the soft tissue, there might even be an MRI in your future. You need to see a specialist about this. And you shouldn’t have waited “a couple of years.”

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Sigh….ok. I admit to having issues. I also admit to having read your paragraph and not the BIG sentence above it with the question ” there any way to fix it?” Since I seem to have touched a nerve with just a very few words I decline to further discuss this except to stick to my original advice. Go see the ortho guy.

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First, the thumb has 2 phalanges (fingers have 3); there are 2 thumb joints or ‘knuckles’: the metacarpophalaneal MCP joint (proximal, toward wrist) & the interphalangeal IP joint (distal, toward fingertip) in the thumb.

Your problem is with the MCP. I’m not an orthopedic surgeon—let alone a sub-specialist in hand surgery—but I wouldn’t worry too much about a condition where there is neither pain nor functional impairment.

There’s left-right asymmetry in every detail of our bodies, even before physical trauma might cause a minor (not requiring surgery) deformity, though the thumb has great importance for hand function. If you’re still worried, or if it gets worse, then see an MD for referral to a hand surgeon, for evaluation of fixing it.

Or maybe knowing some of the lingo will help you in internet searches. Good luck!

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