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Any Suggestions for Left, Right & Center Speakers for My New Surround Sound System?

Asked by justin5824 (196points) January 1st, 2010

I’m looking for 2 Main Speakers and a Centre Channel speaker for my soon to be surround sound (5.1) system. I am going to be purchasing the Denon AVR-1610 as my receiver, The Paradigm Mini Monitors as the rear surounds, and the Paradigm PDR-8 as a subwoofer. My living room is not huge, maybe 10ft from the couch at the rear of the room to the TV/Front Wall, and about 18ft from the left side of the room to the right.

(I Currently Have a 42” Samsung LCD TV, and 2 Original Model Paradigm Titans (“V.1” From the early 90’s) and a “Yamaha RX-360” 2 channel amplifier. The left speaker just happens to be blown, so that Is what is putting the pressure on me to get a new surround system.)

So: Any suggestions for L&R Chanel Speakers and a Centre Chanel. They Need To Be Close to 70 watts RMS @ 8 ohms to be compatible with the amplifier. Floor standing speakers would suit me best.

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None specifically but you could try some forums such as and

There ar plenty of audiophiles that post reviews and recommendations there. Also if imaging and controlled dispersion of sound are a concern, also consider treating your walls with acoustic tiling, or if you’re on a budget then curtains and/or hanging tapestries, to mitigate room reflections and unwanted slap-echo, especially behind the rear wall (where you’ll likely be sitting).

Also, you can calculate the room nodes in your room by dividing the feet by the speed of sound to get the wavelength value. Wavelength = 1130 / F Where F is the frequency, and plug in the feet for each dimension of the room for the wavelength value.

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I have always leaned toward bose which undoubtedly make some of the best audio equipment available but tend to be pricey…however sony and samsung tend to make comparable quality speaker…just shop around at some electronic stores and try out the ones you may be interested in

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Front channel speakers, left, right, center, need to be able to handle about 100 watts each. Rear channel speakers need to handle only about 50 watts each. If you are simply splitting left and right for rear channel speakers, have them handle as much power as the fronts. It is better to have a system that has separate volume control (A five channel system) for RF,LF, LR., RR so the power/volume can be properly controlled. The volume of all speakers should be the same as heard by the person sitting in the center of the area in question.
I had a center channel speaker below the TV but the sound seemed to come from that direction instead of from the TV screen, so I used another center channel speaker, hooked in unison with the lower speaker, and placed it above the TV.
All speakers should be placed level with the listener’s head, except for the center channel speakers like I have.

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