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Does wearing boxers or briefs have any positive or negative effects on the package?

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) February 28th, 2008 from iPhone

I was wondering if wearing boxers or briefs have any over all long or short term benefits to that area down there? Perhaps early sagging or maybe low production rate. I am trying to be as pg13 about this as I can and I’m not asking this to be funny, though I am sure it is somewhat if an amusing question.

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I heard that men who wear boxers have a higher sperm count than those who wear briefs.

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Unless you’re trying to get someone pregnant, don’t worry about. Even then I really doubt it would have much effect.

Heat is the real sperm killer. That’s the reason testicles hang outside the body.

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to expand on Spargett’s answer…briefs keep the testicles closer to the body, increasing the heat. Boxers allow them to hang more freely to maintain the proper temperature. the scrotum pulls them in closer to the body if they need more heat and away if they need less.

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if u wear boxers and they are hanging , when ur seventy will they be Dow. To your knees then. I wear boxer briefs , seems like they Give better support

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