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How did you meet your special someone?

Asked by cornbird (1747points) January 2nd, 2010

How did you meet your special boyfriend/girlfriend. Was it extrodinary, how were you attracted to the person, how did the whole chemistry began?

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I responded to an ad she placed in the city’s free paper.
Not my type at all.
She couldn’t stand me.
We grew on each other.
Been married 25 years.

The End

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We met at work and ended up getting drunk together. The rest is a long story.

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I moved to a new town, and obviously started a new job. I met him on my first day there and was immediately attracted to him. I was very shy and didn’t speak to him for a few months. I thought he wouldn’t like me anyway because he is so good looking. Best looking man I have ever met and I am nothing. Anyway, we started speaking and he made me laugh so much. He had just come out of a relationship and didn’t want anything serious, but I couldn’t let him go. So, we started seeing each other once a week, twice a week, weekends, everyday, then I moved in 1 and a half years ago. I love him more than I thought possible. I still get butterflies when I see him and think of him. I can’t imagine my life without him. He’s the one.

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@Dibley Thats really touching

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In the parking lot of a public beach.

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I was a cashier, she worked in the store’s snack shop. She came through my line to make a purchase for the shop. That was about 20 years ago.

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I didn’t met her by now, I hope I will meet her this year.
Really hoping :-)

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@Cruiser so you saw this honey in the parking lot and you walked up to her and what did you say?

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@cornbird Why do want to know? Have you met someone special? Or looking for tips to go up and speak to her?

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Our’s was a work based union. After a brief but interesting chase (by her,how could she resist for long.) Almost 18 yrs & 2 wonderful children later & she still finds me irresistable. I’m one lucky guy!!

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I was hitchhiking in England. He and his friends picked up me and my friend. We’ll be celebrate our 36th anniversary in a few weeks.

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I met my special someone online. I answered her profile that she was someone I would be interested in meeting. She responded that she was not interested in meeting someone with kids. I responded that I didn’t blame her and I wished her luck. She responded that I sounded like I had a good sense of humor, so we went out. That was four years ago. I still don’t think she is interested in meeting someone with kids, but one is almost 18 and the other is almost 9. They’ll be gone soon enough, and every gets along pretty a-ok. Online dating…sometimes it does work.

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i met my husband he’s in the navy and him and some friends started at volunteering at the animal shelter i worked at and little by little he started coming in more and more and one day he was really nervous it was kinda cute and gave me his number although we had a mishap at the start we’ve been together and got married after a month and a half of being together. everyone one calls us the odd couple bc he’s reserved and well mannered and he says i’m loud and rude but it works for us and we love each other

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@lovemypits86 How nice. Don’t care what others think, as long as you are in love that is all that matters.

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yup. he’s the one and we are willing to make it work with all the stuff that’s gone on with us.

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I had just moved back to my home town after a nasty breakup. I found a chatroom on mIRC blast from the past that had mostly local people. After having chatted there for a few weeks I was invited to a get together at a local bar. I was going to meet this guy named Mike. He brought his brother for “backup” because he was nervous. Bad luck for him. I didn’t like him at all…but I married his brother.

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We both had a number of friends in common. We’d never met, but were on the same email list that all these friends used to talk to each other, so I’d seen some of his writing and thought he was a decent guy. Finally, one of our friends achieved her Ph.D. and invited us all out to Denny’s to celebrate with late night greasy food, and lots of people showed up, including the two of us. I saw him over the platters of Moons Over My Hammies and that was it. We’ve been together for five years as of Monday, and married for two and a half of them.

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@laureth do you eat at Denny’s to celebrate your anniversary? That is a very sweet story!

We are college sweethearts. That wouldn’t be very interesting except we were both in our 40’s.

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Needed a ride from denver to pittsburgh. Looked on craigslist…called a guy that was going that way. That was that. We met up in the parking lot of BASS PRO SHOP. I melted as soon as I saw him lol. It was the look he gave me when we were standing in dennys waiting for a table in limon, co…I knew something would come of it. Its insane. Now im moving there in five days. I’m very very happy. He is my perfect jewish dreamboat.

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@deni – Denny’s, eh? Must be something about the buffalo chicken fumes…

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I met him on a q and a site (not this one) – we were married to others, but this was too strong a love…we divorced those others and married each other

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My “relationship” is only a few weeks old. I go to a school with no available dateable guys. I’ve given up on dating, and just hook up with people. My a cappella group was invited to sing at the tech school down the road, which has opposite sex ratio problem. I went home with a guy from one of the a cappella groups, assuming it would be another one night stand.

However, I saw him again. Both of our choirs were singing at a holiday concert in our schools’ city, so we were naturally at all the rehearsals. This was a week after our hookup. We decided to sneak off and make out.

We kept seeing each other, and I realized that he was serious about it. I told my friends I had hooked up with a guy, he told his friends that he “met a girl.” We’re both home for break now, but we’ve been talking a lot and we’re both serious about continuing it back at school.
We couldn’t get together for new year’s, being in different states, so we both took pictures of us kissing nothing then spliced them together. :)

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I was at a dance club with two girlfriends, Kim and Theresa. Kim was off somewhere in the club and Theresa and I were at a bar watching the dancefloor when I noticed this cute guy dancing with someone. I pointed him out to Theresa and said it was a shame he was already with someone else.

About a half an hour later Kim, Theresa, and I were all on the dance floor and that same guy walked up to Kim—they knew each other. I leaned over to Theresa and said, “Kim knows him!” Kim introduced him to me, and he asked if he could dance with me. Later we traded numbers and started dating. We have now been married almost 17 years.

If you ask him how we met, he will say…“well, I was dancing with this other girl when I saw JLeslie over at the bar. Later I was happy to see her dancing with a girl I knew named Kim…” It is the exact same story from the other persons perspective.

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I went to the Spanish Club in Fitzroy with my ex and our mutual friends. I was in single mode with an obscenely short skirt on (and granny knickers underneath), and proceeded to get terribly drunk.

My friend Sam had met a young man at university who’d just moved down from Sydney. He turned up just before the Drones started playing. He was (and still is) desperately handsome. Honey brown skin, plump pink lips, the kind of eyes and cheekbones that lure you in. Tall and firm and utterly masculine. I was wearing a necklace with an eagle pendant, and he wore a vintage bowling shirt with ‘White Eagle’ written on the back. I put on my best seductive face and used that as a conversation point. I lured him away from the bar at the end of the band and took him to what I promised was a ‘great place’- a dingy pool club upstairs from a cafe. It’s a wonder he stuck around, but he did. He says he was charmed by my sparkling conversation- and my grey old knickers, that he saw virtually every time I moved thanks to my too-short skirt!

We walked back to my place, had our first kiss on the way, talked all night, woke up in each other’s arms, and had one of those gorgeous sparkly Sundays that I still get tingles thinking about. The ‘this is something special, you know’ conversation in a sun drenched park. He spun me around in his arms (sickeningly, gorgeously true!). We’re still constantly delighted by each other four years on- he is the warmest, kindest, cleverest man I know and I absolutely adore him. He just turned thirty and is a primary school teacher- bloody cute. We’ll get married eventually- neither one being too fussed about a wedding. I’m a happy lady.

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@Dibley . It just that we find people in so many different ways and some ways are so funny. My recent girlfriend I found by me working in a school where I was an assistant teacher. Evertime I came downstairs for lunch I saw her looking at me and then looking away. She was really fine and she was pretty too and she was always doing it whenever she saw me. So one lunch time I was goin to get lunch and I decided to talk to her. We talked about basic stuff like how working at the school was but nothing about getting together. That same day though when I was in my class she came upstairs and gave me her number. After that things pretty much took its course from there. I text her how much I liked her and she did the same. Unfortunately we broke up after some time because she was alittle older than I was and we thought we could look past that but we couldnt. I miss her because we had alot of fun together.

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A friend and I were walking around looking to do mischievous things with the stickers I had gotten made. We end up at a coffee shop, then randomly the girl whom he was kinda seeing at the time came out of nowhere, pushed him and walked outside. We followed and she was with her friend, who was this shy looking guy, attractive yet nerdy. We all sat down together and talked, I randomly decided to give him a sticker. He was highly amused by it, since it’s of a bag of dicks I drew for humorous purposes. (long story lol) We walked around downtown for hours, we didn’t even talk much then but for some reason I was really attracted/interested in him. We parted ways, then on the way to dropping my friend off I mentioned how I thought he was cute. His response: “I’m gonna make it happen.” Needless to say… he did make it happen, then months later he told me both him and the girl he was seeing planned the entire thing out. Sneaky bastards. :)

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