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DO you get mad or get even?

Asked by Gossamer (935points) January 2nd, 2010

Ok when push comes to shove we all have a reaction….Is yours an emotional reaction getting mad or sad and crying….or do you seek retribution for the wrong that has been done to you?

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i do both. i’m not very good at handling things. i know i need to learn a better way to deal with things bc it gets me no where when i get mad and lash out.

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I barely ever get mad. I’m talking maybe once per year.

When I do get mad I usually walk away. I don’t like fighting.

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@lovemypits86 a result of human nature for sure

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@johnpowell sometimes walking away is the best answer to prevent the rash decisions that may be regretable at a later date good choice

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I might first get mad and then when I think about things more rationally, I settle down. I seldom get even since it’s just lowering myself and I will not do that.

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I have never had a good outcome from emotion filled arguments. Waiting until the morning and sorting things over some tea and potatoes always works well.

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i tried walking away but can’t most of the time

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Revenge always.

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It can be either or both. It all depends. Sometimes I can get mad but have no desire to get even. If the person has a messed up life already, I may let it go because they are their own worst enemy.and time will get even for me. If I really feel they are going to walk away smug then I will get even. I never do it right away. I’ll sit back and wait till there is an excellent opportunity. I find if you rush it than you usually don’t get the effect you want.

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I have learned to walk away. Verbal sparring never works for me. At some point, I stop listening to the other person and just run my mouth. It’s the whole “getting in the last word” thing. So now that I know it doesn’t work for me, I leave the situation and think it over before trying to discuss it rationally.

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@Pandora words of the wise you speak

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@Gossamer Revenge is a dish best served cold. LOL

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Getting mad is normal; Seeking revenge only perpetuates and prolongs the pains. The world does not need more pain. I walk away; for them, what goes around, comes around.

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@johnpowell I’ll have a spot of Earl Grey & a King Edward.

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Depends on how mad I get. Mostly I just get mad. However, a couple years ago my husband shot me in the leg with an air BB pistol. It didn’t hurt very much but it sure pissed me off. I’m just biding my time. One of these days I’m gonna get that BB pistol and wake him up with it.

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Neither. I walk away and let it go. Not worth the effort.

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Both. I try to refrain from the latter but if provoked enough, retribution can get ugly.

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Both, either or neither depending on the situation. Ya gotta pick yer battles.

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Depends if i’m drunk or not. Being sober I would definitely stand up for myself if it was worth it, but I would think about it and do it in an acceptable manner. If i’m drunk…usually things get blown more out of proportion and I would most likely want revenge or to make a big deal out of it.

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I pretend I think what the person did is really funny when I relate it to all his friends. Ha ha that guy is sooooo funny! God love him!!

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