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What to do if your "Johnson" is stuck in a bottle?

Asked by coffeenut (6171points) January 2nd, 2010

What ways can you try to remove the bottle without hurting your friend?
how much time do you have until you have to call 911?

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Go to the ER. they’ve seen it all before.

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You must have a pretty small winky if it gets stuck in a bottle. lol

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reassess your love of coca-cola and go to the doctor.

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In the future, please refrain from putting your johnson in objects where it doesn’t belong. Unless you really, really love that bottle.

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hit it with a hammer

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Grease it up with butter. If that doesn’t work, go to the ER.

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urinate, the increase in air pressure will cause it to pop out… or your testicles to inflate, either way its all good.

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Tap it with a hammer to break the vacuum. But I think you are full of shit and thought this would be funny. It isn’t.

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Why remove it? It makes a big ol’ bulge in the jeans, adds width, and is probably the best condom you can get.

Is it a glass or plastic bottle?

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Is there one large enough for me?, me think’s not

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What do you mean if?

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@AstroChuck I think he is pre-planning.

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@chyna: It’s a good thing to plan ahead.

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lol, I did not do this. no one reads topics?
also no one has ever heard this song
by weird Al?

I’m just wondering what could be done to fix this problem, or is 911(going to the hospital) the only option

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obviously some people here have had their business in a bottle and can’t take a joke. hell, maybe it’s still stuck.

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And I thought only Dr. Pepper “came” in bottles . . .

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Take an ice water bath

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Go to the ER, they’ve seen everything. Then you should reassess your erotic relationship with beverage containers. I’m assuming, for the sake of your ego, that this is some kind of a wide mouth container.

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Is this “Nutty Penis Question Day”? If so, I’m gonna log off and go read!

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I suggest Kafka.

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Go to the ER. A simple amputation will solve the problem and stop it happening again.

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@johnpowell For shrinkage?

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Hesse is for shrinkage.

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It’s actually not by Weird Al, apparently.

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The first think I would do is question why or how it got in there in the first place.

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@ccrow thanks for pointing that out I always thought it was his song


Artist: Hawaiian Ryan

Cd:Saving Ryan’s Privates

still a good song

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Did you just accidentally a coca-cola bottle?

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Ooh. Coca-Cola Cl ass ic.

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I must be old-fashioned, I had no idea bottle erotica was so popular.

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… why is it in there anyway?

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@johnpowell I think he is full of shit too but I hope he is not and comes to the ER in my town when I am down there working. I am not called to the ER that often but I would really want to see the winky/bottle size ratio firsthand.

@coffeenut I do have to state that such things, if they are amusing, make the rounds of a large portion of the hospital (if it is not a large hospital) but do not let that put you off from going.. really.

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finish crankin it off. After it goes soft pull it out?

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Just enjoy it, if you’ve stuck it in a bottle We’ll have to assume it’s never seen and never gonna see girlie’s bits so get it where you can I say!

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@coffeenut your link doesn’t work… here is the song.

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Why do you call it a Johnson when the name is clearly Genie . . .

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Good one, Kayak. !

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