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Nintendo DS Lite: White screen?

Asked by Mariique (60points) January 2nd, 2010

I am trying to play New Super Mario Brothers loaded on a micro sd acekard. When i load the game it starts to load but then the screens both go white and nothing happens. Restarting the game doesn’t help – it does the same everytime!
My acekard has worked fine without problems in the past but if I try loading another game on it the same thing happens. Could this be a worm and how do I fix it?

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This is what happens when you pirate video games.

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It’s not uncommon for NDS games to have anti-piracy measures. The gamestudios have taken these measures because everyone has their NDS cracked/hacked/flashed. You have two options: buy the real game or wait for a patch/update for your flash card.

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The download may be corrupted; you may have to erase the file for that game and re-install it, or, like others have said here, just buy the real game. Nothing wrong with doing things the good old-fashioned legal way.

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