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How do i get more Diggs for my article submissions?

Asked by diceliving (87points) February 28th, 2008
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just see what the professionals say…you are not the only one asking. some good tips in here (i am way too lazy to ever work on something like Digg but i know lots of people love it)

Follow these 3 “simple” steps to get on DIGG front page and rocket your traffic

Diggers Shout Loud Enough Jay Adelson and Kevin Rose Respond

5 Tips to Use Digg to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Fully 20 percent of the Top 100 most Dugg stories on Digg over the past 365 days share a common characteristic: They are about Digg. Not that there’s anything wrong with it.

How to Win at the Digg Game – Tips by Top Digg Users – How Top Digg Users Get to The Front Page on a Daily Basis

Why do some people get more diggs than others
Why do some people get more diggs than others? Beats me. I’m not talking about 1 or 2 diggs more, it’s more like 100 or 200 times more is a huge bookmarking community where a great number of bloggers meet to read posts and “digg” their articles to get more visitors to their blogs. Digg dot com is becoming a very famous website and it maintains crediblity because it uses a certain “voting” process to best articles. The better the article is the most is it dugg !! If you’re not member yet you should do it now

A few days ago, Digg changed their ranking algorithm (I noticed this immediately since I am an active Digg member, but I didn’t wanted to blog about it), in such a way that now upcoming stories need even 100+ diggs to make it to the frontpage

Here you are some tips that may help you to get more diggs:

Your Digg Account Image: chose a image to upload (red, yellow blue..), don’t leave it blank, because the colored icon will attract the user to read the story title

Story Title: Try to be very descriptive in your title, and not too long, and use capital letters for important words… also try to put some popular keywords in your title to get more visitor to your story from the digg search.

Description: Try to put most of the information in your digg story in the description because this will encourage the user to digg/Comment on your story before visiting the site

Digg me Icon: don’t forget to put the digg me icon in a visible place at the top of your story.

How To Get More Diggs For Your Story?
After a lot of trial and error, and a long time research, we have devised these following rules to get the most Diggs for your Stories:

Top Tips to Get More Diggs:

Make your story title crisp, with right keywords.
Let the description convey all the juice of your story. This encourages more Diggs by Digg users without even going to your website. Most users are lazy to go to your page and come back and Digg you unless it is a very compelling story.
Do not forget the “Profile Icon” – make it as captive as possible. Distractive let it be, with bright colors and simple design.

Add a legible Digg Icon Linked to the story URL, encouraging your casual visitor to Digg the story.

Yesterday, I was approving comments, and I got a comment from someone who views my blog post via Digg, and they asked me if I would get on GTalk, Messender, or AIM like all the big time diggers do, so that it would be easier for people to get the latest on my diggs, plus be able to ask me questions, and have a better form of communication

Tips from a Top 10 Digg user on how to get to the Frontpage
Many Bloggers these days want to get their blog posts to the frontpage of Digg so that they can increase their traffic and popularity of their blogs. Some are ready to go almost any extent to get diggs such as making fake usernames and asking friends to digg for them.

Yesterday, I had a chat with one of the Top 10 Digg users and he shared a few tips with me. If you really want to get on digg frontpage, here is how you do it…

make atleast 15 friends on Digg so it gives fast exposure to your story
get your friends to digg all your posts
you must digg them in return
if your story is good, it will get 20–30 more diggs but those 15 friends are the key
you must select a niche like technology or world news
then you pick 50 or so feeds and post fast
feeds gives you fast sources on news
Some of the Feeds I subscribe are: (he lists them all and there are TONS)

Using the Digg API, I collected 233,570 story headlines from Digg, and the number of diggs for each story. One of the many interesting things that can be done with this data is to see how the length of a story’s title is correlated with the number of diggs it is likely to recieve

Baker was, however, happy to share some basic Do and Don’t advice for Digg newcomers: Categorize correctly. For example, if you are posting a blatant opinion piece, make sure to post it in the “political opinion” category instead of “political news.”

Be unique! Don’t post a story that already exists on the site – search for duplicates before you submit. And, if your story is not covering a unique subject, you’d better have a unique angle.

Don’t post a link to your own blog and make it look like a news story. For example, posting a story with the newsy title “Rumsfeld Resigns” should point to an actual news story, not a second-hand retelling on your own blog.

Don’t try to game the system. Digg has multiple safeguards against spam and bombastic marketing content, including algorithms that influence and moderate the rise and fall of stories. But probably the most important safeguards are the diggers themselves. For example, according to Baker, there’s a simple reason that attempts to buy diggs didn’t work: “When unscrupulous content owners tried to pay top diggers for diggs, it didn’t work because the stories themselves were not of high quality. That’s the built-in B.S. detector of”
Learn From a Master

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Write truely worthwhile content and readers will come.

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