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Making a solar USB charger, question about amps?

Asked by LeotCol (2275points) January 2nd, 2010

I’m going to make a solar USB charger. I’m going to buy 4 small solar panels and hopefully end up with an output voltage of ~5 volts. I’m pretty sure USBs have 500mA. I mightn’t be able to get a perfect 500mA but can anyone suggest a range of values that I should keep the amperage in?

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This will really depend on the solar panels output at any given time and what you are trying to charge. A cell phone will generally never exceed 1 Amp. The wires that the power will be transmitted on can do over an amp, so I would not be worried about that.

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Most cell phones charge at far less than 500ma, a simple 5v regulator will keep you from overcharging but a small batt pack in the charger will help as sunlight never shines when you really need it

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