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Can you think of a dog name similar to Trinket?

Asked by Supacase (14558points) January 2nd, 2010

We just got a rescue dog – a cairn terrior/spaniel mix – who is about 7 months old. Her name is Trinket and I am not fond of it. I am thinking a name with a similar sound would be easiest for her to get used to, but I can’t think of anything. Any ideas?

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Jada Pinkett Smith

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Tinker Bell

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It’s probably the vowel sounds that matter the most, don’t you think? Probably anything that sounds close to “inkeh” will be familiar enough to work.

Also you could try what one family did when they adopted a 3-year-old girl and wanted to change her name from Lana to Susan. They called her “Lana Susan” for a while and then after some months dropped the Lana and just called her Susan.

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I have heard the name “Tinka”, too… really, though, she will learn her new name, even if she recognizes her old one for a long time. My brother has a rescue dog he named “Guinness” who still reacts to his old name, “Roniss”. And one of my dogs answers to more than her actual name; her name is Maggie & she answers to that as well as Magnolia, Mags, Magathan, Magno, Miss Magno… well, you get the idea!

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I’ll just note that I’ve never had a problem with changing an adopted pets name. They get used to it pretty quickly, no matter how different the name is (I most recently adopted an adult cat named Baby, who I renamed Taj. He doesn’t respond to Baby at all anymore, and that was only about a month ago).

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@stemnyjones there is a difference of opinion as to whether cats ‘answer’ to anything!! lol

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Grommit. (I really want to get another dog and name him Grommit.)

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@ccrow I have to admit, I’ve called him everything from “Thadius Marshall” to “Benjamin” and he comes to anything I call him except “baby”... but, he is a maine coon, and therefore a VERY sweet cat!

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I vote Tinker.

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@janbb And feed him Wensleydale, I presume!

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@Marina “How about a nice piece of cheese. Grommit?” Gets me every time.

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Tink :)

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Thanks everyone! @Marina I love Biscuit! She looks kind of like the dog in the Biscuit books. No one else in the house went for it.

I think we may go with Cricket. Thanks @absalom Jada Pinkett Smith~

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Tinker! Like tinker toys.

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I suggested Cricket as well.

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Nobody knew my rescue dog’s name when we got her. She answered to the name we gave her just fine.

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It’s true about the changing of names. I adopted my dog at the pound when he was 2½ years old. He had the name zazue. I changed it to Oliver and he learned quickly of his new name. It’s a new beginning of a new life so I think changing his name completely is okay

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@Supacase Glad you liked it anyway. Cricket is a cute name!

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I’m sorry, @mangeons I didn’t see it. Thank you, too!

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How about Snickers?

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@occ- sorry snickers is my others dogs name and it can’t be taken. :). J/k

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anything with a TR- as the beginning as the name, should be fairly easy for the dog to get used to

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I think you should call her susanc. I’ve never had any trouble answering to it.

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