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Soulmate: reality or fiction?

Asked by DS (292points) February 28th, 2008 from iPhone
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reality, I found my soulmate

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I found mine! We’ve had some problems but we seem to always find our way back toeach other. ;)

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I think it’s just a name for your mate when you find someone just like you.

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So what’s the difference between soulmate and twins? Apart from the sexual side of it.

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I believe I found my soulmate. I started dating him soph in hs we knew after two weeks we were getting married. We been married 4 years. Soulmate doesn’t mean no problems. Everyone has problems.

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I thought I found my soulmate in 1985, we dated till we were 25. We then married, I cooked and was a well provider, gave her a home and 2 beautiful children. After 7 of marriage she told me she did not want to be with me any longer. Soulmate is just a word :( sorry.

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Heartbreaking reality. Mine is married to another man.

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It depends on whether you believe in fate, I suppose. I don’t believe in fate, therefore I do not believe that there is that perfect someone out there. I think we all fumble our way through life and if we’re lucky, through trial and error, we eventually find someone that we are compatible with and can love.

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total fiction.
while those out there who have found that perfect someone are certainly lucky/blessed—I think the world is full of people that are compatible with each other, and we just choose (or in some cases “settle”) for one of the multitude. This is the inherent problem/beauty with monogamy. We simply aren’t programed for it: that’s a problem (or a gift, depending on your wants). However, the fact that we can CHOOSE to overcome that programing and have a monogamous partner, based on romantic love, is a truly powerful thing, and those that make it work have done something monumental.
The short version of all this is akin to theredjawa’s comment above. Soulmate is a title we bestow on someone after the fact. I think someone can certainly BECOME your soulmate through the ebb and flow, and give and take of a relationship. It develops over time.

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total fiction, but a noble idea.

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fact. i found mine. (although i do agree that it’s possible to find more than one person in this world that is a perfect match.)

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Reality. I believe a soul mate is someone for whom you don’t have to “settle.” Soul mates both feel they’ve found the better partner. Soul mates are those who work through the inevitable problems of relationships; not those who lack such problems. (That’s not to say that each person has only one possible soul mate in the world).

@GD Kimble—I have to disagree. I think we are programmed for monogamy. I didn’t believe this until I met my soul mate. It was only when I met her that the idea of monogamy made any sense to me.

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It’s interesting that you ask this. A good friend of mine is living abroad and he recently posted on his blog that he had met his soul mate overseas. He is normally a very reasonable person. On his post he thanked god he has found her and said they are meant to be and will be together for the rest of their lives, etc. etc. This was 10 days after they met. I’m a bit freaked out by this – part of me thinks it’s sweet and inspiring, part of me thinks it is totally creepy. So I guess I’m split on the soulmate issue….

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In Greek mythology.Once we were Siamese and somehow we did upset the Gods they cut us in half(the belly button is the scar of this tragedy) The other half was ur soulmate and u were suppose to look for it! But I took that question off a myth.

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Reality for some fiction for others.
I’ve met couples who seemed to obviously belong together, and others who I wonder how they ever even thought about ending up together.

I thought I’d met my soul mate, but now I’m divorced.

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-totally bogus or
-everyone has quite a few soul mates.

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