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Why do some girls have a one-night stand but then they won't give a chance to guys who want more than that? How should I know if a girl only wants a one-night stand?

Asked by Yogi (40points) February 28th, 2008 from iPhone

2 in 1 questions, just asking cause it always comes up in friends conversations

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Most of us girls don’t want one night stands.

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I am unable to understand the question. But if I understand the first part, you seem to think girls want one night stands. I’d say you’re hanging around with the wrong type of girls.

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I think it has something to do with if it happens naturally then they don’t mind. But if a guy is out there for just that they feel like they are being easy and that the guy is probably very permiscuis (however u spell it) that would be my guess

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johnny is dead-on

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great answer from all you guys I really don’t mean to ofend any cuties out there (shout out to all the hot chicks) and yea maybe I am hanging around the wrong ones but I say I learn every day thank you

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because 99% of the time they are drunk or druged with the one night stand! Its nothing agenst you tho. Well just a little info my husband is my one night stand I found my soul mate. And he’s the most wonderful man in the world!

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try being honest and upfront before you get physical. if nothing else it will help prevent you or the girl from being hurt.

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How much has she drunk. Chances are she’s feeling low and she doesn’t have to go home alone if you go home with her

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