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What is the eighth wonder of the world?

Asked by Mamradpivo (9635points) January 3rd, 2010 from iPhone

I’m leaning toward the ruins at Mesa Verde, or posibbly Chichen Itza.

But these are places in the “New World” that I know. What are your nominations?

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The Rocky Mountains. Not only is the beauty astounding, but so is the length (from New Mexico to Alaska).

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I don’t even know the 7 wonders of the world off the top of my head. (I had to go look all of them up)
I nominate Venice or the Grand Canyon.

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Germany. The best and greatest country in the world.

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@ragingloli yea, they have a great history…
What specific attraction makes Germany the 8th wonder?

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machu picchu? Angkor Wat?

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Personally I am in love with waterfalls, so my nomination would either be Victoria Falls or Pamukkale in Turkey. Although I really cannot just name one eighth wonder of the world. There are so many beautiful places out there and I cannot possibly choose one over another. Although I will admit some places are better than others… ;)

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Why not germany? shorley wonder like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder?
Is it not a personal choice?

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@Pazza but can a whole country really be a “wonder”? If that’s the case, I nominate the continent of North America,or maybe Asia.

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Going with the country theme, I’d have to say Italy…mainly because it’s shaped like a boot.

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Totally agree, that would be your choice.
Why do there have to be rules in this eighth wonder thing.

Haha.. nice one. my point exactly.
I see real wonder in death, ie ‘I wonder if I’ll still be alive after I’m dead?’

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@Pazza That would be the ultimate wonder.

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@Pazza in Kindergarten, did you ever play, which one doesn’t belong? Well, the 7 wonders belong to a specific type of category. An entire country does not belong.

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Let’s not get technical about it, it’s just a hypothetical question to stimulate conversation.

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Angelina Jolie naked in my bed. Hmmmm….. I wonder about that glorious sight frequently. Oh shit here comes my wife…. Hi darling!!

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I’m English, so no, no kindergarten (which I think is German lol)
Also the question was non specific and said nothing about kindergarten.

The only ‘twhich one doesn’t belong’ I ever saw was on Sesame Street. Gee Burt.
Maybe thats what the fluther question was refering to?

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I would add the Great Wall of China to the man-Made list, and Niagara Falls to the Natural list.

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I would have to say Dolly Parton… I’ve always wondered about her! :)

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Are we talking manmade or natural?

Macchu Picchu for manmade; Mt. Everst for natural.

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Coral reefs, hands down.

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Why, me, of course.

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How about Iguazu Falls located on the border of the Brazilian state of Paraná and the Argentine province of Misiones?

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@Bluefreedom That is a beautiful waterfall! I totally agree with you.
Although there are so many amazing waterfalls out there, like Niagara and Victoria Falls, that I don’t think one deserves more attention than another. Although my personal favorite is Victoria Falls, I still think that Iguazu Falls is equally beautiful. :)

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What about the history of Germany? Well, Neuschwanstein in Germany ended up in the UN’s top 20 list, see

And so did the Statue of Liberty by the way. Should it be excluded because slavery is part of the American history? Native Americans have experienced a history full of oppression and racism as well. How does this relate to the 8th wonder of the world? Are we looking for the perfect country with a perfect history? I’m a bit puzzled by @Violet‘s comment.

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@mattbrowne I already explained myself, go pick on someone else.

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Re-Violet: OUCH!

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@Pazza – Sadly, for some Americans the first association they have when they read the word “Germany” somewhere is “dark history”. Germans alive today in the year 2010 have to live with this. It’s selective perception and other historical events like the peaceful revolution in 1989 is not what’s on people’s mind. Who deserves credit for this historic event did not register, or if it did, it was probably Ronald Reagan who asked Gorbachev to tear down that wall. When it comes to people, number 1 association is Hitler overshadowing people like Einstein, Wegener, Beethoven, Bach or Goethe or all the people in East Germany who brought down the Berlin Wall. Who in America knows who invented the car, a vehicle that transformed the entire world? Henry Ford? Everyone knows who killed 6 million Jews and started World War II. This is okay. Every citizen in the world should know this. But the view of Germany should not be reduced to this.

Americans who travel and also know some Germans personally are aware that casual comments like “Germany. Yea, they have a great history…” if meant in a sarcastic way (and I believe this to be the case) are uncalled for, when discussing the 8th wonder of the world.

It’s not my intention to pick on anyone. I actually think I’m doing people a favor. Hasty generalizations are a source for misunderstandings and discord. I said this before, we can’t undo the past, but we can shape the future. So whenever I see comments like the one above or even allegations that it’s maybe the German way to commit acts of brutality (happened on Fluther) I will not look the other way. I will make a comment. In the interest of shaping a better future.

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I’d like to throw the Taj Mahal in there for a vote also. I know it really isn’t a ‘wonder’ as opposed to what has already been mentioned and not comparable to wonders in the past, but I think it is certainly one of the most amazing and beautiful structures ever constructed by man.

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@mattbrowne American? How nice of you to come to your own conclusion. You know what else was “uncalled for”? My family in concentration camps.

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@mattbrowne- Goethe was a relative of mine. Although I’m not a direct descendant.

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What. Is that supposed to be an argument? Some sort of justification?
person 1:“some people are subhumans and must be exterminated, hurr!”
person 2:“stop with that nazi bullshit”
person 1:“I’m jewish, lol durr”
and yes, there was such a person on fluther once

I guess they call that the argument from “baww” or a variation of godwins law.

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@ragingloli I would say, a response, and defence.
And this is getting way off topic.

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[mod says]: Please try to stay on topic here folks :)

I think I’d have to agree with the Great Wall of China.

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@shrubbery Yeah, I’m really torn between Macchu Picchu and the Great Wall of China – maybe we need an 8th and a 9th Wonder?

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I gotta go with Santa Cruz’s Mystery Spot.
Very scary, kids!

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@Violet – Yes, we are getting way off topic. Your initial comment was unacceptable to me and I explained why. I’m one of the people who is most passionate about not ever having concentration camps in human history again. Never ever. I’m anti-racist, I fight antisemitism, I fight extremism, I fight prejudices, and sometimes I also react to generalizations, cynicism or casual remarks capable of hurting people’s feelings, because they have the potential to increase cultural divide. Instead I’d like to promote cross-cultural understanding. A remark or question like, why is it the German way to commit acts of brutality might not get a lot of attention outside of Germany. A question like, why is it the African-American way to to commit acts of brutality certainly would. Imagine the outcry. And the same applies to sarcastic comments about countries, groups of people, whatever minorities and so forth. It really depends on the audience. The Internet is global. My point is, we don’t need these comments, but they won’t disappear if people don’t react to them. If you felt I was picking on you, I apologize. This was not my intention.

Now, because the moderator has clearly asked us to stay on topic here, I would like to mention a few natural wonders of the world.

- Columnar Basalt
– Blue Holes
– Red Tides
– Mammatus Clouds

There are some really wonderful pictures here:

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@AstroChuck oh my.. I hope you are kidding!

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