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How can i straighten my hair faster?

Asked by 1morgan (9points) January 3rd, 2010

i have really thick curly, frizzy hair and after i have blow dryed it, it grows even thicker…so i was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to straighten it in aq quicker time…usually it takes 1.5 hours and my arms are aching by the end..i do it in sections to make sure i get the roots because they are the worse parts. please help me…any suggestions..:)

thank you x

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Are you sure your hair is completely dry? That makes a large difference. Also, be sure that when you straighten the sections that you’re not going too fast.

What type of equipment are you using? If you’re using a one-inch straightener, maybe you should switch to a two-inch. Be sure that it heats up high enough to alter the structure of your hair. (If you need to up the the heat, be sure to up the heat-protection products!)

Other than that, I don’t really know. 1.5 hours seems like a pretty good while – unless you have really long hair.

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I was always told that to give your hair som extra body you should blow dry ‘inside-out’ or with your head down. I would imagine doing the opposit would help you straighten your hair. Just a guess :)
Othewise you can buy a ton of shampoos that promises to give you straight hair in stead of frizzy.

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In the old days women used to use an iron and ironing board.

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Most hairs are pretty straight over short lengths, say… ¼” or so. Cut it to ¼” and your problem is resolved.

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use a really good straightening iron, like a chi. spray that heat seal stuff on there (kinda sets it) . Do it in sections, the back first.

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You are going to want to start out with a good smoothing serum in your hair before you blowdry. Also make sure that you have towel dried your hair as much as you can before you start blow drying. then you will want to use a great iron. Chi (mentioned above) has a great reputation because for a while they were making the best irons. Recently though they have been having a lot of electrical problems. We won’t even carry them in my salon any more because people were bringing them back so often. Other brands to try are Infrashine (I love these flat irons) Paul Mitchel and Centrix. You will want to spray each section with a thermal protective. Not too much, the section shouldn’t be wet, just moisturized. Afterward you want to use an anti humidity finishing spray.
You should be able to go a day or two with out having to rewash and re flat iron your hair. If you get any grease at the scalp try a dry shampoo.

Products I’d recommend: KMS Flatout, Paul Mitchel Super Skinny Serum, Moroccan Oil, Chi Iron Guard, KMS Makeover Spray, Sexy Hair Dry Shampoo.

There are TONS of shampoos and conditioners marketed towards straightening your hair but because you have SUCH curly hair I wouldn’t waste time with those. Instead try moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. You need to keep moisture in your hair because the blowdryer and the iron are very drying.

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Your hair definitely has to be completely dry. Make sure that when you’re blow drying it that you blow it from all angles. Get underneath, and the back, and where your hair layers over another layer.
After it’s completely dry I find it works best to divide it into sections then work my way through each section. I start from the back in the bottom and work forward. Make sure the pieces your working with in each section aren’t too big otherwise the heat won’t get all the way through. All in all, the time it take me to straighten my hair is about 20 minutes.
Since I have curly/wavy hair also (and thick as well) I use a spray with heat protection so that my hair doesn’t burn or anything. This doesn’t make it dry any faster, but it’s a good idea to protect your lovely locks. Especially if you use the flat iron over and over on one piece to get it straight.

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I’m too lazy to read, but do you have a nice ceramic straightener? I got a chi and it saved my life. Also, I cut my hair recently. Shorter hair and a nice iron makes thing sooo much easier! And straighten in sections. :) Good luck!

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Get it chemically straightened. It’s magical.

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@mrentropy My niece and step niece do that now. They lay down on the floor though, with a towel below their hair and iron it with an iron.

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coriolis hair straghteners, i am beyond impressed

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My first piece of advice is if you leave a couple hours in between the time you blow dry your hair and straighten it, I find that after straightening, my hair isn’t quite as frizzy.

Anyway, my approach is to use one of those 1 inch straighteners (turn the temp up reeeal high!) and run it through your hair slowly especially the ends. Not too slow, though, as to burn your hair. I also use tresemme straightening gel (works wonders!) and finish off with some extreme hold hairspray.

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