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Download junkies, where do you go for your fix?

Asked by Blondesjon (33976points) January 3rd, 2010

I have always had great luck with I was just curious as to where others went to satisfy their free software urges.

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buckyboy28's avatar usually does the trick for me.

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My university has a network with all kinds of movies, music, porn, programs/software, etc. Usually downloads are at least 10mbps. It’s awesome.

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Main Menu > System > Administration > Synaptic > Search.

lungsday's avatar for software. And everything else :)

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@pdworkin yes, demonoid always delivers (except when it’s down)

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Demonoid, Isohunt and ThePiratebay. And the occasional excursion with PerfectDark.

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I’ve been using isohunt recently, seems to work well.

jaytkay's avatar points to a lot of interesting software.

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Applications->Ubuntu Software Center. And for music.

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All over the place, but Sourceforge seems to be the most consistent one to pop up. Most of my other stuff comes straight from the author’s site.

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I am a loyal fan to, always delivers for me

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