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Are Cardinals(red birds) mates for life?

Asked by john65pennington (29240points) January 3rd, 2010

If Cardinals are mates for life, how many offsprings can they produce in their lifetime together? and, do Cardinals have any enemies, other than cats?

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The northern cardinal does indeed mate for life.

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Thank you. would about offsprings? do other birds attack them or their nest? i have a couple that has been in a bush for at least two years and the other cardinals appear to be their offsprings, but how would i know?

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It is hard to tell if they would be the offspring of your original pair:

“Annual survival rates for adult Northern Cardinals have been estimated at 60 to 65%,[19] however, as with other passerine birds, the high mortality of juveniles means that the average lifespan is only about a year.”


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Trevor Miller of the St Louis has been married 14 times, so mating for life in his case is a serial event

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Thanks Marina. i guess i need to put a collar on my pair of cardinals so i can identify them. just kidding. wow, its cold here 9 above and wind will freeze your tonsils, so i keep my mouth shut. john

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I wish I had cardinals living near my house.

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