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What YouTube you confuse me, removed one of my videos while I uploaded two?

Asked by xTheDreamer (881points) January 3rd, 2010

I’ve uploaded two videos to YouTube but now I only see that on my page it says that I have 1 uploads but I’ve uploaded two? So what is going on?

If I go into my account – my videos I would see both of my videos has been uploaded but if I go to my YouTube page I would only see that there’s one video is uploaded! It says Uploads (1) but I have two uploads at my “My Videos” page.

So I don’t know, I’m so confused with YouTube now.

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yea it happens , its still loading just wait;)

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It has to convert the video into mp4. This can take a long time.

I converted one on my computer last night and it took 91 minutes. Now imagine doing that for every video uploaded to youtube.

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