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Do you pray? How?

Asked by Zen_Again (9916points) January 3rd, 2010

I don’t. But I keep an open mind about God, and an open dialogue. I don’t know how to explain it – but I know that everyone has a different take on the subject of religion in general, prayer in particular.

How do you pray, if at all?

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I pray throughout the day as if I’m talking to my best friend because I am, really. No specials words of phrases involved.

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Yep, I just talk as though God were standing right next to me. It’s like talking to your best friend – you don’t have to be fancy, just be honest and be yourself.

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I don’t necessarily pray to a god. i just pray in my mind for certain things, that whatever runs this universe makes sure everything is okay and goes well for us.

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Silently and to myself. my friend was having some pain down her left leg. doctor gave her a CT scan and discovered a discoloration on her right hip. naturally, we all thought it was cancer. she is in her 40s. she was given another test, but had to wait two days for the results, since this occured over the holidays. for two days, many prayers were said for my friend. she cried and she cried some more. my wife said prayers and i said prayers for our friend. doctor finally informed her that she had arthritis, not cancer. you cannot imagine the number of high fives that we all gave each other. do not let anyone tell you any different, prayers are answered.

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When I was young I used to prat a lot , but now i usually pray before bed adn in the morning :d

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I am not religious, but I believe in the universe so to speak- something greater than myself. I’ve taken parts of the taught religions and made my own vision of god. I don’t necessary pray…in which I mean by kneeling on the side of by bed with my hands clasped together saying dear god, but instead I talk to him/her in my head like a best friend. I can be driving, walking, or brushing my hair- no formalities- just, “Hey this is going on… Please help lead me in the right direction today.”

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I don’t but I have always been a bit jealous of those who do and are able to find some comfort and focus from it.

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I feel my life is a prayer. I just don’t know to whom.

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@Polly_Math It was to me! But I’m not recieving any calls right now. I’ll get back to you later LOL
@Zen_Again Quietly and I tend to reflect.

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I pray like @Chikipi, I also give thanks to God for the amazing things that go on in my life.

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@Pandora Damn, I got some pressing issues!

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I pray on behalf of myself, family and others to God, as others stated in a conversational manner. He’s my friend, counselor, coach and comforter.

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Sure, i talk to myself all the time. ;]

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I also don’t believe in the God of the bible but I do believe in a universal something that connects all living things to each other. So I talk to it sometimes- not in asking for anything, maybe just to tap in to universal caring.

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The older I am, the more religious I am. I usually think pray unless I’m alone. Usually before every meal, before I get in the car (I’m a HORRIBLE driver) and after I’m out of the car. In the morning. Before bed.
Usually something along the lines of.. thanks for the food i’ll eat, the air i’ll breathe, and the water i’ll drink, etc.

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How I pray is that it is 1st.) Best to pray for others needs, 2nd.) then your needs, 3rd.) Don’t forget to thank God for the blessings in your Life- Good and Bad -for we learn from them all.

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@fancyfeast- love your answer!

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Yes, I’m not religious, I follow faith not religion because I’m not under any laws or rituals. I pray to Christ at all times – especially throughout my difficulties in life. Everytime I pray, I always get a big sign of relief knowing He is there to counsel me at all times. The best way to pray is to humble thyselves as explained in Matt 23:12…

Matthew 23:12 And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased, and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted.

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Lovely. Thanks jellies.

May all your prayers come true.

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For me it is just a constant connection.
Nothing that I stop and do. Though it is not unheard of.
Confidence/contentment in knowing, what it is all about and what my part in it is.

One constant continuous “loop of faith.”

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I do 5 prayers aday, I am muslim, how I do that it is somewhat complicated to discuss

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Welcome to fluther, @iraq – it’s not difficult to discuss – all you have to do is google muslim prayers and read up on it. I gave you a “Good Answer.”


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@Zen_Again , You said that you “keep an open dialog.” That is prayer in my book!
As a Christian, when people are having trouble figuring out how to pray, There is a little acronym ACTS
A climation- Praise God and give him acclaim. and praise
C onfession- Unload your burdens, and confess the ways you have fallen short
T hanksgiving- Count your blessings and thank God for all he does
S upplication- Present any requests to God.

Of Course, people like you who feel natural about just keeping an open dialog don’t need these kinds of tools, but when you have those times that you know you need to pray, but you can’t seem to form the words, this little acronym can help you organize your thoughts and get your priorities straight.

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To me prayer is the pursuit of self-reflection and meditation. It’s a mental time-out for the brain buzzing with thousands of thoughts on a hectic day. It can also serve as a reminder, like to do at least one good deed per day or put at least one smile on a person’s face.

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If by “prayer” you mean petitioning God for something…no.

I believe the act of “conscious awareness” is prayer. In that respect, I endeavor to “pray” throughout my waking moments.

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My God has a sense of humour and understands me better than anyone else. I am created in his image, so he must be a little nuts, n’est ce pas? He never judges me, and forgives my sins – which can be daily – I’m a handful. He is patient, and suffers (fools) more gladly than I ever will. My God is a loving God – for I know He loves me – and only God could love this nutsoid – and mom.

I think God is the same for the Jews, Christians and Muslims. Just called by different names – right? Allah, Jesus or Yahweh… bottom line, faith and religion soetimes do go hand in hand, but can also be mutually exclusive, as in my case.

I don’t really conform to organized religion, distrusting it mostly. Especially after the bad fall of Fallwell, not to mention Jim and Tammy Faye Baker. Some of the Rabbis lately haven’t lent a lot of credibility to the Jewish Synagogues and faith either. Oy vey!

They are only after our money, it seems, and they’re all the same – no offense.

—Here’s a little something cute I heard; a Rabbi and a Priest (yeah, I know) get together for a (kosher) lunch and discuss finances of the chuches.

“My congregation donates well, and takes good care of us. I raise a lot of money for God, and give it all to the various charities in his blessed name, the Priest says.”

The Rabbi says to the Priest that he too raises funds from his congregation’s donations, and gives it to God as well, but using a different technique.—

“I just put all the money in a bag – toss it in the air – and say keep what you want.”


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Yes, I do pray. And not just when I need something.

How would we like it if the only time a friend/relative of ours only called us when they needed something?

To me, pray is best described as a DIAlogue, not a MONOlogue.

It’s conversational, and when we pray, we should listen to see if God is asking US to be the answer to the prayer we just prayed. As in: “Lord bless the homeless today, may they be fed and sheltered.” Well, can’t WE help there?

If not to take them in your home (kinda dangerous sometimes, I know), then can’t we drive them to the local shelter? And/or give them ready-to-eat food, so they don’t have to cook it?

Lastly, the best advice I ever heard about prayer was: “Pray as if no work will help, and work as if no prayer will help”.

Hope this helps : )

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@stratman37 “Pray as if no work will help, and work as if no prayer will help”.

Loves it!

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