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I plug my ipod in but it's not charging?

Asked by jctennis123 (427points) January 3rd, 2010

I plug my 4g iPod nano that is maybe a year and a half old into my macintosh’s usb, but unlike all the other times, it isn’t charging. It synchs but for some reason its not charging. Any tips? Is it just old?

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I don’t know. That happens to me occasionally. I don’t know why. My eyetv tuner doesn’t recognize the USB ports on my mac sometimes. It tells me I need to have it plugged into a USB 2.0, not 1.0 or 1.1 or whatever the error message says but my Mac USB ports are 2.0. And then it doesn’t do it. Both are intermittent problems. I don’t know what causes it. But when it happens I just charge it with the wall charger. It always syncs though, just like yours.

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Did you update iTunes recently? This happened to my old iPod after I updated iTunes. I fixed it by plugging it into the USB port in the back of the computer (the big, boxy part with all the plug ports), not the monitor or keyboard.

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Are you sure its not charging, sometimes the little lightning bolt doesn’t show in the battery bar of the ipod, but is still charging. Well on mine anyways.

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Try soft resetting it by holding down the center button and the menu button for a while until the little apple logo comes up. Sometimes that works when mine is acting up. Does it still charge through a wall charger?

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Bad cables possibly, or dirty connectors. As Allie says bypass the keyboard and plug direct. Try a new iPod cable. Or try plugging into a powered USB hub or wall charger to rule out the iPod or cable.

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I had a similar problem with my IPOD. It turned out to be a bad connection in the USM/IPOD cable. I replaced the cable now it syncs and charges where before, it would only sync.

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