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Nice place to get work done in Manhattan (or nearby) for the day?

Asked by lrk (757points) January 3rd, 2010

After I wake up tomorrow morning, I will be meeting some friends for tea!

AFTER this encounter, I plan on taking my laptop somewhere to get work done (for several hours, if I can concentrate).

Where can I go in Manhattan (or a not-too-far-away part of Brooklyn) that has some of the following:

* A chair
* An outlet
* Maybe WiFi of some sort. The outlet is more necessary; feel free to recommend places without wireless access.

Particular cafes you like would be helpful, but so would open lobbies / plazas, some hidden area of Grand Central… anywhere where I can reasonably sit with a plugged-in laptop for several hours! Access to food would be nice, but not a strict necessity.

(Also, anywhere walking distance from West 72nd Street gets bonus points.)

Much love.

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Try to find a library near by.

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Yeah, I would have to agree with @Pandora, a public library near where you are would be just the ticket. And they will almost certainly have wi-fi available.

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I love the Barnes and Noble at 66th and Broadway (right across from Lincoln Center). You can sit in its cafe with your laptop.

And it’s definitely within walking distance of West 72nd Street. :-)

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The St. Agnes branch of the NY Public library is very close – 84 and Amsterdam. Check the hours online though – I think due to budget cuts they aren’t open as often as they used to be. Or, the main Bryant Park Library, which is on 42nd street, is a bit farther away but a really magnificent building with a huge reading room. That is a quick trip from 72nd and Broadway – one stop on the subway to Times Square and then a short walk east on 42nd to the library.

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