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What is love in your point of view?

Asked by Christian95 (3260points) January 4th, 2010

Everyone talks about love like he’s the best in that domain and every one tells different things about love.So how do you see love?

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Love is unselfish. Its an emotion, but even more then that it is a serious commitment. Love is the ability to honestly look at someone and see see past faults, and to focus on the soul. Love is to give up the schedule to help someone else. Love is a stubborn willingness to keep going for someone else. Love is respect, and a genuine smile. Love is a wonderful attitude, on all days and occasions. Love is the brightest light on a stormy day.

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…only for poets…

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Love is probbaly as deep as two male peacocks showing off their feathers, or whichever deer wins the antler bashing fight.

I mean, otherwise, back in the day, marriage wouldn’t have been forced, and today it wouldn’t be about money.

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@Spinel Bordering on hyperbole towards the end in my opinion but still beautiful nonetheless. GA =)

Just to start off, I’m talking about romantic love here, because we need to remember that there is more than one type of love.

If I were to add anything, it’s just to emphasise the unselfish aspect of love. If I truly loved somebody and if they found someone better than me, I’d let them go because I’d put their happiness first and foremost. Although somewhat poetic and of course not true in all circumstances, I suppose another way to put it is:

“Love is when his/her happiness is yours”

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In a relationship, love is a positive feeling – an attachment of mind, body and spirit between two individuals who bond and share feelings together. The other way I see love is to help those out who need a lending hand by helping them in whatever way you can, but more importantly – have love for others as Jesus said; John 13:34 A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another.

It’s understandable if a person does not have love in his / herself, then he / she cannot have love for others.

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@Saturated_Brain Its the life of a writer: fiction and non-fiction fuse…cold hard reality gets pretty blurry…the “no return” sign is pasted… ;)

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It’s the best and worst thing that happen to you. It can bring you the greatest happiness you ever felt and the greatest pain. Double-edged sword.

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love is complicated….........

I like the Mark Twain quote: “Love is the irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.”

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I’ve experienced what it is like to truly love someone and yet never experience that kind of love in return.

It took me more tries at loving than I ever expected to experience what is like to be loved in return fully and unconditionally. It is an experience like no other!

To all of you who love unconditionally, I wish you the astonishing experience of being so loved. It is breathtaking!

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An ambiguous word with many wonderful meanings.

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I think love is many things. Also society tends to focus on love as being only romantic. Love is a great market to get into as well. Just look at dating sites for one! Love often sells movies and books probably because we are programmed to understand that we all need to be loved.

Love is a huge word though. I have loved friends with all my heart. I loved my parents and I also loved a parrot once. He was different I can assure you!!

The there is the art of loving oneself, which is hard I still don’t know why that is.

But above all, if you find it, tell me where it is!

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It’s both the best & worst feeling in the world.

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You dont see love, you feel love. Noboy else can tell you what it is, you have to find it for yourself. You’ll know when you have it and even more so when you loose it…

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“Love is more than three words mumbled before bedtime. Love is sustained by action, a pattern of devotion in the things we do for each other every day.” – Nicholas Sparks

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A series of biochemical responses that trigger an emotional cascade, impairing normal functioning.

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Love is total acceptance.

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Love, to me, is everything that is my SO. I had no idea what love was till I met him and now I have no way to describe this feeling but him. He is love <3

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Love is something that you can’t shake off; something that fills you with emotion, and feelings never felt before, but it only comes when one doesn’t understand exactly why.

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It means something different to everyone. Those who are fortunate find someone who shares their meaning of love.
My Husband and I share similar values. Despite that we have an Autistic Son our love for him is unconditional. Our love for our Son has made our commitment (bond) even stronger.

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The best definition of love that I’ve ever heard: A condition where another persons well-being is at least as important to you as your own.

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1 Corinthians 13
(The love chapter. I think it just about covers it.)

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@belakyre I remember having to define sections of that verse in the 5th grade. My partner said that it meant “love is eternal.” I misheard him, and went on to ask how in the world love was a turtle.

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There are too many definitions of love to really make sense of it. Most of what we think of as love, the whole romantic thing that movies are made about, is nothing but hormones. Those feelings will not last forever. In fact, when that kind of love is requited it expires faster than when it is not. What you base a lifetime relationship on can be called love, and that’s what I call it, but it could also be called “like”. If you’re going to spend a lifetime with someone you have to really like them. That means you had better have some real concrete reasons why you like them, not just some magical mumbo jumbo. You had better know what behavior and personality traits really work for you and make you think you can make it forever. So that’s what I call love, but I don’t think most people use that definition. And the old movie line of “you’ll just know” when you are in love is utter bunk. If you can’t define it, if you have to say “I just know” then it’s not the kind of love you base a lifetime on, it’s just hormones.

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Then again, all emotion is just hormones.

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All we feel are biological impulses, emotions driven by hormones, sensory data being analyzed by our brains – so what? our entire life is like that and just as real as our lives are (all philosophical debates on the matter aside) so is love – one can experience many different kinds of love but it surely is one of the VERY few things worth living for.

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Respect, respect, respect!:)

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I think you can fall in love no matter how old you are.I believe in love at first sight and I think it’s a magical thing when your with the person you love.;)

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Love is fucking Hate. They had a baby and its called Pain.

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I knew someone who claimed he was in love with me once… a really bad high school crush He would call and leave weird messages on my phone, text me text me text me, demand that I “talk” to him even though I had made it very clear I wasn’t interested… he wrote me a really bad valentine poem about my eyes; it was borderline creepy. And not love.
If it was love, he wouldn’t have stalked me!
Love is wanting only the best for the other person, even if their best doesn’t include you.

And I believe love is a slow condition… not that you may not feel in love from the get-go, but that the more you know, and the closer you get to the other person, the stronger the bond, the stronger the love.

I believe love needs trust to truly survive. Without the trust, there’s no growth.

I’ve never had the romantic-love, but I’m not worried. I’m very young, I’ve got time, and if I never find it, I’ll be ok. Because I do have people in my life I would do anything for, I know that. And trust them to almost a fault. I love them.

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True love to me is when you carer enough about a person you start doing goofy things, have trouble sleeping when thinking of them, you attach certain songs or poems to your feelings about them and you buy and or create little trinkets just for them. Oh….and you want to KTA when they don’t call you back!!

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Baby, don’t hurt me. Don’t hurt me no more.

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I think love is like a box of chocolates….........

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@georgeandwilbur No no, that’s life, not love…

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Naaa Your thinking of forest Gump :o)

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A wonderful feeling that should last forever. Selflessness and giving up your own needs to fulfill the needs of your partner at times.

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Love is a taco shell.

Embracing what you place inside.
That being personal and unique to the individuals that will eventually feast on it.

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What @stranger_in_a_strange_land said. I had this for a short time and didn’t take care of it.

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when someone cares for you and loves you for who you are and doesn’t judge you and is always there for you and you manage to work things out no matter how bad something is and how bad it gets

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I completely agree with what @Snarp said. Love isn’t just a feeling – it’s knowing why you love someone, knowing why you think they’re so great. Blind love, isn’t love. Loving someone for real reasons is love, in my mind. It lasts longer that way, it means more, and is much more special than “I don’t know why” or “just because”.

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Love is giving. I love whatever I give myself to.

I love my car by maintaining it. I love my children by giving my time to them.

I love chocolate donuts by giving myself over to them. Most would think that I take the chocy donuts. But how can I say I love them if I’m taking? No, in actuality, I’m giving myself to the chocy donuts. I don’t consume them nearly as much as they consume me. I give myself to them completely, and they take me to a place that only they can take me. I love them for this, and to get this experience, I must give myself over to the little chocy devils completely.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies – How about eating a chocolate Doughnut while fixing your car and hugging your children?

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@ChazMaz That might be too much love for one man to give. I’m only human… Jeez!

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L… for your partner and love and respect them and your children.

O….only you, your mate.

V….very dedicated to that one person you love

E….emotions and everylasting love.

Yep, that about says it all.

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There are actually two answers here…what IS love and what are the kinds of criteria that set the stage for this complex emotion.

Love is a complex emotion. It is not greater or lesser than any other emotions. It is just one of many. It is a combination of other emotions and experiences across time. We develop reference for it from our phenomenological maps…the knowledge of our early experiences and continued experiences. Love is a generic emotion. We love our pet. We love other people. We love our favorites…whatever they are. And romantic love is the combination of generic love with sexual attraction and/or sexual activity. Sexual attraction is a product of facial similarithy to self and family of origin as well as symmetry in features. Sexual attraction is also a product of pheromenes. Men detect fertility. Women detect a wide range of information from pheromones, health and sickness, as well as differences in immunological system. Women experience “good chemistry” with men who are most similar in looks but who have the most different immunological systems from the range of available suitors in close proximity to them. (one reason why long range romances usually hit the skids…mates begin to tune in to possible suitors in closer proximity) And then you add oxytocin. hugging produces it in women. It is produced in much lower amounts in men. Sex produces copious amounts in women automatically binding her to her sexual partner. Men produce this effect slowly across time via companionship and sex with the same partner. This is one reason why consummate philanderers have a hard time commiting. They aren’t binding to one partner and thus diluting the impact of physiology.

You asked about smells and voice. Males with deeper voices are statistically more attractive to females in general. Women feel men with “good chemistry” smell good even when they aren’t wearing cologne or anything else with a scent.

The kinds of criteria that generally contribute to the emotion of love are feelings connected with well-being and even sometimes feelings connected with being challenged if it results in growth and new understanding. Actual investment of time and energy in something that is seen through to an end goal tends to create ownership and pride. These can be underlying factors in love for some people. Nurturing is almost universally associate with love as if a certain level of acceptance. Concern, support, sharing hopes, dreams, challenges and failures as well as inner thoughts and feelings tend to bind people to one another. This type of intimate sharing alters our brain chemistry. Primary emotions in combination like joy, and contentment tend to preceed acknowledgements of love.

And just a disclaimer here…I sound very clinical and I am in regards to discussions of love BUT I am also a die hard romantic. I am just as affected by romantic love as any poet even though I understand it’s underpinnings. It is a paradox to be sure.

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Love is the ability and willingness to let those that you care for do what they want without any insistence that the satisfy you.
Dr. Wayne Dyer, Erroneous Zones

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Love is when you are aware of a need and you take care of it. For example a baby needs air, water, food, clothing/shelter, and personal attention. If baby does not get all five of those, baby will either die or turn into a very strange person.

Love is not directly associated with like. Nobody changes a diaper because they like the job, they do it because baby needs it.

Most people don’t know what love is but they are happy to make up something when asked.

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