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Is there a way to transfer YouTube clips from my iPhone to my computer?

Asked by ira (4points) February 28th, 2008 from iPhone
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not that i know of
one way to keep the files – is first of all email the youtube urls of your favourite videos to your computer. second play the youtube videos on your computer so that the FLV flash file is stored in your temporary internet folder. copy the files and play in a Flash Player or convert them into a Mp4 format. check out

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I agree with the above poster. The only difference is I think u can get programs that will pull the flv file out itself. But it doesnt matter because it is so easy to take them out of your temporary Internet files folder.

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you absolutely can save Youtube videos on to your iPhone. Download a program called Youtube Downloader. This allows you to save the Youtube video to your PC. Then use the same program to convert that downloaded video to MP4 format. Then copy to your iPhone. Poof you’re in business. I do this about everyday.

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