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What motivates and drives you out of the bed every morning to ask and answer questions at Fluther day after day?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1911points) January 4th, 2010

What is that thing that keeos you going and doing it day by day, hour by hour.

I am, for example, hope that I will learn something new today and get more experience in life and work from other people discussions.

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The need to be connected, and to share my personal experience.

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I like to be an “answergirl,” because to answer so many people’s questions makes one feel needed (every day in fact). I enjoy that feeling immensely.

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Curiosity! What may I learn today or how can I help someone today or make them smile.

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I’m just here for the lurve.

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What gets me out of bed is that I have to go to work. Then, while I’m at work, I fluther to take a break from things. :-)

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Ben feeds me a grape after every answer..


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I HAVE to get up every morning or I’d get moaned at and called lazy. plus my computer is quite far away from the bed.

as for FLuther (and other places of course – no butt kissing here) It’s interesting to see how people think and be part of a community.

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I love the feeling of community here, I love the friendliness and there is always something interesting to read/learn. Being here takes my mind off pain or other worries I might be having that day. It’s just an amazing place full of amazing people is all.
hugs everyone xx

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Lurve and the community. You really can feel that people do care.

@johnpowell NOT a pleasant image at all

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The inevitable pain in my stomach gets me out of bed every morning. Then I start fluthering because my iPhone is in my pocket and everything else is way over there. Though I really should be reading the headlines instead.

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Well, I’m retired…that would be the rest of the story! Seriously, look forward to the questions and answers! You write a comment and you look to see if it was liked or not! Also, enjoy the lurves…it is form of approval or disapproval! Unlike AB, most people here only give them when they are merited. That is cool!

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@Cotton101 :: They try to make it so you are never be (publicly) punished for bad stuff. Like if you are removed from a Fluther you don’t know and keep the points.

We can’t down vote people for a reason.

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@johnpowell John, not sure that understand your comment.

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Everyday is different here and discovering new questions, people, and view points is very stimulating :D it’s just a great place to be..

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This is my sole contact with humanity. I have no social life; this is as close as it gets.

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I like connecting with people. I like to share information and learn about everyone’s unique perspective. I hope to help people and to learn from them.

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Ditto @Austinlad‘s response.

Besides, you never know when something you’ve shared will benefit someone. It’s a good feeling when you have one those rare occasions where someone will let you know that something you said made them look at an issue from a different perspective.

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@Dr_Dredd must be an inside thing..good question!

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Learning new things from other people. I also like to see the different avatars give their answers…some people have some really cool ones. Also I meet really interesting people and I ENJOY getting lurve for my answers, it makes me feel really appreciated!

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Also it is a place where I feel more freedom to answer truthfully and ask anything without much worry of stigmatization.

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Quite simply, the people here.

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My motivation is rampant curiousity and a thirst for knowledge. I gots to know!

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I think what gets me out of bed and what drives me to fluther are two different things – I wake up every morning because I just do and then I am happy because I see my love and my kids. I go to fluther to get inspired.

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I use fluther as a reward after x amount of work done at the computer, I also come on here if my creative juices aren’t flowing as well as I would like them too, as it (subconciously) allows me time to process the work I am supposed to be doing!!

plus I lurve the fact there are so many interesting and varied people on here with so many different stories, advice and wonderings!!

I wouldn’t say I use fluther as a reason to get out of bed, more of a relaxation technique! unless someone annoys me!

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Different points of view/insights. Very important for Libras. We can’t decide our way out of a paper bag.

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I just love a good mystery :)

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I’ve tried to stop, really I have, but the pains begin after about an hour, then it feels like my skin is crawling in all different directions at once, I get confused and start sweating, my finger cramps into the ‘click great answer’ position, . I used to say that I could quit any time I wanted but now I just face the truth and admit that I am hooked,,,,,,,,hooked on all the great people here and hooked on all the great advice.

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i like to think and broaden my knowledge

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I’m not entirely sure.

Now I’m questioning it myself.

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An insatiable desire for love lurve.

That and my meds, or so I think—on lucid days.

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I go on fluther at night before going to bed so I don’t wake up to go to Fluther but my motivation is fun,fun,fun,great discussions,funny answers

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Fluther saves me big bucks on therapy. :)

At times, I need help. And, I like helping my fellow jellies.

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The connections I have made keep me coming back.

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well, the truth of the matter, after having sex 8 or 9 times most nights, feel vigorated, and cannot wait to get on Fluther!!!!!!!!

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I am home mostly and fluther keeps my mind from turning into pudding.

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Each and every one of you Jellies.


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I want to know what everyone’s thinking.

I like the confirmation that we are more alike than not, because many questions here are about things that are also on my mind.

I am happy for the opportunity to help others.

And to see which famous couple @jonsblonde and @Blondesjon are on any given day. I find that absolutely delightful (and it gives me hope, frankly).

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction. Because everyday here is like sitting about a round table with coffee and donuts expanding my mind with questions like this with people of wit, reason and intelligence; and the occasional fool, and simpleton that finds their way to the table, good comic relief. Also to see if any dead money worshipers are still following me LOL LOL

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Well I don’t get out of bed for Fluther as such (loll). I come here after a hard days slog. I have been pretty selfish with Fluther and asked more questions than I thought I would. I was a top contributor at Yahoo Q&A and what drove me was the idea of “problem solving”. With fluther I feel the questions make me think more about “me” so it is a very thoughtful learning process for me, about how I feel about the question. I possibly answer less questions per day her because of that reason. If that makes sense?

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5 days a week it is work and my ability to multi task at work, Fluther and juggle scarves all at the same time. I get to blame the scarves that fall onto the keyboard for my tipos.

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Wow, so much time has passed, what I know today, I would have to augment my comment greatly, though some are still relevant.

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