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What are some alternatives to BitTorrent?

Asked by cbloom8 (1718points) January 4th, 2010

I’m looking at getting into some sort of peer to peer or other type of file sharing service. I’m familiar with BitTorrent and Usenet, but are there any other methods that are similarly reliable?

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If you mean places where you can STEAL MUSIC AND OTHER FORMS OF COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL, then I’d say you can leave right now good sir.

Otherwise, if you are seeking to find files that you are legally obliged to download without the consent of it’s creator, I would say azureus vuze would be another good candidate.

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You could try Emule, or PerfectDark and share. The latter two are japanese networks however, so you will have to do some fiddling. I never got share really working.

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or good ol fashion frostwire to get your songs

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or… you can go to the store and buy everything, of course it’ll cost more

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Sheesh. Peer-to-peer filesharing stealing, people.

Prior to BitTorrent, Gnutella was the most popular peer-to-peer filesharing protocol.

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@robmandu And at one time, vinyl was more popular than MP3.
@baxter Frostwire uses Gnutella, so therefore it isn’t worth crap IMO; read on to see why.

Personally, I am fond of the eMule/eDonkey network. The eMule Plus client is nice and n00b-friendly, though I personally use MLDonkey with the Sancho front-end since it is a multi-network client (including BitTorrent) but the configuration of it is not for the faint-of-heart.

When I was stupider, I used to use Limewire, which used the Gnutella network. However, most of what I looked for wasn’t there or only had a couple of usable sources and much of what it found was fakes or malware. When I tried a multi-network client, I managed to find almost everything I looked for and I noticed that most of the hits were on eDonkey; very few on Gnutella.

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