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What did birds evolve from?

Asked by speterson (1points) February 28th, 2008 from iPhone
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I don’t believe theres a straight answer to this question, but there have been many noted similarities between birds and dinosaurs so it is likely that modern day birds may have evolved from small tree-dwelling dinosaurs.

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It probably depends to a certain extent on what kind of bird. In the long-run, they evolved from single-celled organisms.

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I am pretty sure it is an uncontroversial fact within paleontology that birds evolved from dinosaurs. Actually, many paleontologists would correct me….saying that birds are dinosaurs.

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Wabarr is entirely correct.

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Intentional misspelling. :)

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In the spirit of presenting diverse viewpoints, I will say that there is substantial evidence that the genetic information within species does not vary except for rare, non-beneficial mutations, and some information may be “turned off” in dormant genes, and can be quickly activated to help a species adapt to a changing environment. This type of evolution is very different from the theory (remember, it is a theory) of evolution which says that all species evolved from a single ancestor. I believe that it is just as scientifically valid to believe that birds were always birds, varying within the limits of their original genetic information, or boundaries.

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The third fingers of mortal men.

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There is a marvellous BBC series by David Attenborough called The Life of Birds, it covers evolution. Highly recommended.

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