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Can you be bought? What's your price?

Asked by Zen_Again (9911points) January 4th, 2010

You’ve probably seen movies along that theme; there’s the one where he sells his wife to Redford for a million, there’s the Nick Cage one where he gives his wife to the winner of a poker match for the weekend instead of paying a 50,000 marker.

If you were offered a sum of movie to “sell” yourself, i.e., do something you wouldn’t normally agree to: from sex to murder, and from theft to just lying; then…

How much would you demand for a night with your wife/husband?

How much would your going rate be to sell out?

Name your price – or perhaps – you cannot be bought.

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My wife cannot be bought. Other than that, my price would depend on the activity, and in some cases I’m not for sale.

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For a night with my husband he would be the one to set the price, not me. For a night with me the price would vary depending on my mood and how badly I needed the money. If I needed to feed my children I’d turn tricks behind 7–11 for $29.95 a pop. I can be bought, if I need the money to take care of my children. I’d do just about anything to see my childrens welfare.

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I agree with @Snarp here. depends on the activity. some things are just out of the question. others i certainly have a price for.

- a night with my SO, off the table. no price.

- a night with me… shit, im lucky if i can give it away lol. while in a relationship, no price, cant be bought.

- sell out (assuming you mean my skill or talent) whatever i can get, in it for the money from the start.

- murder, would need to be millions, and even then it depends. i would not shoot a child in the face for any sum of money. but to take out some guy who beats his wife day in and day out and is generally a waste of space, i;d consider it. 1.5 million maybe. depending on the laws and penalty if they catch me.

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Call within the next ten minutes, and we’ll double your order for free! Just pay additional shipping and handling…

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Think every person can be bought if the circumstances require it. Silhouette said she could bought for the benefit of her children. Same here…or my grandchildren!

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I can and have been bought. If the price is right…Totally agree with @Silhouette

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Make an offer.

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I can’t be bought. No amount of money would make me sell out. I would rather live on soup cans past expiration than sell myself out. I know that I should bend a little more here and there but I just can’t find it in my nature to do so. I’ve often thought about the 9–5 and the whole “chain of command” thing but I just would never let someone tell me something like, well that’s just the way it is….That’s not good enough. As far as selling off my girlfriend she is not mine to sell even if we were married she is free to do as she likes whenever she likes. I do not own anyone and no one ever will own me not for a million dollars or fifty billion dollars. Once you’ve sold out to the dollar you’ve let someone oppress you and have given them the green light to do it to others. Have some integrity and a sense that you do not belong to anyone and no one belongs to you.

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I’m running a sale this month.

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@judochop Not even if meant your parent’s lives???? Or, a brother’s or sister’s life? Which ever the case maybe!

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Sure but then that is sacrifice and sacrifice carries honor. Selling yourself out is just that….Selling yourself out.
I am sure if you are bound to earthly possesions then selling yourself out may sound like a good idea. Less work, more money. Hmmmm. Don’t get me wrong I would never look forward to living on the street or eating free food from a garbage can or soup kitchen but I would do it.

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Not for a nickel. I control money, not the equal yet opposite. I would even refuse any promotion offered to me by my employer.

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@judochop think the other answers had a stipulation to “selling out!” Don’t think most anyone would “sell out” unless family was involved.

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I could never kill someone, there is not enough money in the world. Sex with me or my husband maybe. It would have to be after a health check and use condoms, not sure the price. Not even sure I would go through with it in the end.

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Only in CDs
Here is what would be acceptable:
Bolt Thrower-Realm of Chaos (not the 2005 reissue with the different cover)
Death-Spiritual Healing
Helloween-Pink bubbles go ape
Carnage-Dark recollections
Black Sabbath-Sabotage
Sodom-Agent Orange
Gorguts-Erosion of sanity
Pestilence-Consvming Impvlse
Darkthrone-Soulside journey
I’m putty in your hands if you can get me all of them ;)

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i’ll give you $10 to bareback my gf.

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I have a $1.99 special running this week. Are you interested?

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As much as I would LOVE to say that I cannot be bought… I’m sure that in the right circumstance I could. Especially if it was to help/protect some one else.

I suppose that naming prices would be hard, and on a case by case basis.
But I think I would be able to deal with the “indecent proposal scenario”
and I think I could kill a bad person, but I’d be really scared of getting caught so that would be a high price.
I’d lick most non living surfaces for 20 bucks though.
People used to pay me to eat/drink weird concoctions at a restaurant I used to work at. :)
I don’t embarrass easily. I’m good at not taking things too seriously too.

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@elizabethmae very good and honest answer! ditto!!!!

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I won’t lie. I can be bought. (Keep in mind, we’re not talking about just sex here.)
But for money? No. Money is nothing.

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I guess it would depend on whether or not I needed what was offered. Although I really don’t have much dignity, and while it would be hard to say no to someone wanting to pay me 50,000 dollars to sleep with me, I’d probably still do it for five bucks.

I wouldn’t take it upon myself to sell anyone else though; if someone wanted to pay to sleep with my boyfriend, of course I wouldn’t be happy, but it would be him to make the decision and name his price.

As far as things like murder though…ain’t doing anything illegal. :/

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@Austinlad I’m giving out green stamps and a gift with purchase. :o)

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that was not the question. And yes, if you stated otherwise I do think you’d sell out. People so it every minute of everyday.

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@ratboy Makes me laugh all the time: “make an offer” – classic fluthering! LOLOL!

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@seenmaker You’ll pay me to BB your gf? Send a pic – I have a bad feeling about this. ~


Nota Beta: I am not Patrick Stewart, if it’s because you want him to do your girlfriend…


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@judochop cool…who knows!

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A free ride to Mars. Fast holosuite-equipped vessels are a non-negotiable condition.

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@mattbrowne I’d do you for free.

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@Zen_Again – You mean I can buy YOU for free? And be my pilot to Mars?

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@mattbrowne No: I mean what I say, and I say what I mean.


Okay you twisted my arm and I’ll fly you to the moon first.

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