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Do you really like Black people or do you just act to fit in? No love lost just want to know.

Asked by Tchalla (20points) February 28th, 2008 from iPhone

just a simple question

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Did you think that none would be on the internet?

The cake is a lie.

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Yes I love black people. Growing up, some of my closest friends were “black” or African-Americans and let me tell you something—they were possibly one of the most loyal friends I have ever had. And to be honest, I have never really judged whether I like someone or not based on their ethnicity—I judge people by their personality and the way they think

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While it is impossible to be skin-color blind, I am able to skip over it and determine if the person’s personality is compatble with mine. If you can talk and laugh with anyone, that is what matters. I’m pretty sure anyone who gets hung up on skin color also avoids people who are too fat/thin, gay/trans, Muslim/satanist.

Differences don’t have to divide, they just define.

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I’m neutral; I try to deal with people as people, and not based on their skin color.

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People are all the same no matter what color or race.

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colour doesn’t matter, I just don’t like cockney’s

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that’s a lopsided question. how long have you hated jews?

I have black coworkers, cultural differences can be bridged with common denominators like, in my case; girls, grand theft auto IV, and a dislike of CHiPs.

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I take each person as an individual, based on their character. I have loved people of other ethnicities, cultures, sexual preferences, and religions as friends, family members and romantically. Pure love sees beneath the surface.

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I just like people!

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as my coworkers and “friends” can attest, i pretty much hate everyone, regardless of race.

get off my lawn!

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I like people. Skin color is irrelevant. One of my best friends is black, and he is most awesome person I know of any shade.

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I like everyone. It depends on your attitude if I’m not going to like you and yes a majority of the black people I know have bad attitudes. Don’t get me wrong my neighbor is black and he’s a great person he’s my friend. So it mostly has to do with your attitude.

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