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How to play this note in guitar tab?

Asked by kyle94481 (214points) January 4th, 2010

How would you play 11p12? The P stands for pull off, so how do you pull off from a fret higher up to a fret lower down the fret board? The 12th fret would have to be played first right? Defeating the purpose of the pull off. Any help here?

The tab is from Still Fly by The Devil Wears Prada.

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You’re right. 11p12 doesn’t make any sense.

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I’m wondering if I should just play the 12, and forget the 11. That’s just stupid…

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It’s probably just a mistake. Hammer on 11–12 or pull off from 12–11, whichever sounds more accurate.

Play around with it.

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Agree with @Grisaille.
Play with just works in the melody.

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Hm. It wasn’t written well, but you could kind of do this. Play a pull-off on 11. You’re basically doing 11p0. Then hammer on 12.

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@Haleth that kinda sounds good :P

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I know this song.. and I think you’ll like this tab better

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Hold your middle finger on fret 12, with index finger on fret 11…strike note, and pull middle finger away (from 12th) while leaving index finger at 11fret… to me, that would be the only way this makes sense.

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@kyle94481 Is this internet tab? Lots of internet tab is jargin that has to be deciphered. I look at internet tabs as reference points. Points in which to lead you in the right direction of which notes are being played and then I go from there. 11th pulling off 12th is just probably a really bad typo on the transcribers part, but if you think what @Haleth said is right, 11th pull off to open to hammer on 12th, well then it’s a huge typo! That’s a legato type two hand tap type deal-E-O. Either way, like I said before….

Internet tab is only as good as reference points. It got the notes right, right? Well, go from there.

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@applesaucemanny thanks, that one is better.

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