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What would you consider the little things?

Asked by LKidKyle1985 (6594points) January 4th, 2010

I was chatting with my fiance and she said I always do the big things but never the small things. So anyways she is over seas right now so what are some small things I can do for her that will let her know i appreciate her. And then also when shes back.

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Some of these are not for when she is overseas, but you asked what the little things are:

Write her a letter.
Send her flowers.
Tuck a note in her lunch.
Tell her that you love her (and miss her).
Take her out for dinner.
Read her poetry.
Send her an itune that reminds you of her.

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The little things are important because they are what last a lifetime. Write her a letter, complement her often. Give her your spare change. Arrange [insert object here] the way she likes it. Remember days important to her. Chat with her for no reason at all. Forgive her early for little spats and don’t bring it up again.

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Send her a calender, counting down the days until her return.

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Do you clean? Women love when men clean.

My wife does so many little things to show me she loves me. She leaves little notes for me in the morning. They just say “I love you” and “have a good day”, but they make me feel loved. She also will pack lunch for me sometimes, with a little note. She gives me small gifts (iTunes cards or some fun socks) on random days and gases up or washes my car for me.

Basically, she anticipates my needs and wants and she tries to have them available to me as they arise. This takes a keen awareness of who your partner is and what she wants and needs. It means paying attention and really listening. To me that’s what the little things are. Life, my friend, is in the details.

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man this is getting complicated, maybe ill just get her a bottle of vodka :P

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Also so far really good ideas. I guess the part thats hard is it takes forever to send her stuff where shes at, so I dunno.

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@LKidKyle1985 You’re such a guy~

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A goodnight kiss every night. Though sometimes that leads to the hard stuff.

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When she returns home, if you do not do anything else, lower the commode lid for her, after you take a leak. according to my wife, this is not a big deal to men, but women hate to use the bathroom during the night and the lid is up and they fall into the cold toilet water. it freezes things that should not be frozen.

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Send her a picture of you and her together in a cute picture frame so she can have it to look at while she is away ;)

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I like @jaytkay‘s answer for when she gets back.

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Get her the bottle of vodka. And totally agree, with @john65pennington , when you pee hit the water not the sides nor the floor. If you live together, try to clean up. Don’t leave towels all over. Those are the little things oh and if you mean right now, ring and text her. that’s a little thing you can do

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If it’s cold, get up early and start her car to warm it up, and scrape her windshield.
Take her car once a month to get washed, the oil and tires checked.
Call her if you’re going to be late.

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Saying good morning and good night to your S/O with a kiss and a hug every day.
Holding Hands
Being quiet together

That’s just a few things

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yea, if you get her good and drunk she won’t know you don’t care to bother
good call

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My fiancĂ© is always doing little things that put a smile on my face. When I wake up in the morning expecting to see the coffee table is trashed with leftover cups, chips, and magazines from the night before but instead find that he cleared it off for me before heading to work, that’s one of the little things that I just love! Or when he puts all the dirty dishes in the dishwasher after dinner. That’s always a good one. But the best advice I can give you is to listen and pay close attention to her hints. If she sees a Tim Horton’s commercial and says “Mmm I have been craving one of those glazed donuts!” surprise her the next day by bringing home a glazed donut. That’ll make her melt for sure.

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This is my experience, with my mom and dad. My mom would get offput, saying the same thing— it’s probably different big/little things for you, but the idea’s the same…— my dad would always want to do big extravagent things, go to the movies or out to fancy dinners at the drop of a hat, do big things for birthdays, remodel the house; but he’d never clean up anything he got out (he wouldn’t put the milk back in the fridge and it’d go sour, things like that) he’d fling his socks at the dogs then leave them on the floor to pile up, he’d use his laptop then leave it in the middle of the couch, he’d sit and watch TV while everyone else was cooking/cleaning, etc. I could keep going…

I’m not saying that you do any of that!! In fact, I’m sure you don’t do those things. And I’m sure you do less ‘little things’ than my dad did. I’m just saying, those things he’d not do were, by themselves, fairly small and insignificant. But, with the livingroom full of dirty socks, empty snack containers, dirty dishes, computers and their various cords, it all built up and got kinda gross… then my mom (and me and my sis if we were around) would have to clean it all up to sit down.
Like @ItalianPrincess1217 said, next time you hear her hinting at something, anything, make a note of it. My mom’s pet peeve is cleanliness. Everyone has their own, that little, harmless things set off. The little things your fiance sees probably won’t easily and conveniently fill up a room of the house, and are things you probably think nothing of. But I bet you’ll be able to pick up on what bothers her.

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My (now) husband used to bring a cup of tea to my bedside when we were living together. I found it very endearing.

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What a lovely caring question. The little things; taking time to ask how she is, to listen. Leaving cute little notes saying your thinking about her. A cuddle that you initiate. Getting her, her favorite drink, food. When watching tv together, just look at her and smile. The little things mean a lot to me. It makes me think he can still think of me even when we are together.

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Doing things without asking is big little stuff. Netflix a movie she’s been wanting to see. Bring her breakfast in bed. Take her jewelry and get it cleaned. Tell her when you see something she likes on sale in the paper. Fix the newel post (or whatever little thing that bugs her that needs fixin’).

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While she is away, little things like Skyping, e-mailing her articles from home that will interest her, posting photos and – dare I say it – sending letters will let her know you care.

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Sounds like you are not doing enough 4 play.

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I agree with many of the ideas previously mentioned as far as for right now while she’s overseas.

once she gets back:

- read to her in bed, then spoon and fall asleep together
– surprise her with a candle-lit meal at home
– give her a foot rub
– make her a playlist of romantic songs that remind you of her
– draw her a bath with her favorite bath products and some candles
– leave a trail of post-it notes all over your house telling her how much you love her
– get her flowers just because
– leave a love note on her windshield
– watch sunsets and sunrises together whenever possible
– drink a bottle of wine by candlelight
– dance together

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* Flowers delivered to her work
* Make her breakfast
* A gift for a massage or salon visit
* Candles lit at bedtime just because
* Surprise of clean bed linens
* Take her lunch at work/out to lunch
* Love note on her windscreen
* Slow dance out of the blue (pretend it’s out of the blue)
* Brush her hair
* Wash her body in the shower/bath
* Foot massage while watching TV/movies
* Sneak a favorite snack into her handbag
* Pick up her hands and kiss them

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Little things do matter, and everyone is different. I will tell you the little things that matter to me… oil change before its way over due, wash the ladies car.. do the dishes once in a while, don’t leave your shoes and sock all over the place. Pick up the soda can after your finished with it (or beer) and while your at it pick hers up too. If you see something broken or needs repair.. DO IT.. Care about her surroundings.

I’m not much for notes and gifts.. because actions speak louder than words on paper, but if she’s into the romance and needs notes and trinkets by all means.. do what makes her happy.

Personally, I’m not into “stuff” it’s just more clutter to clean up or to save… (yuck clutter)

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