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People are people, so why should it be, you and I should get along so awfully?

Asked by Blondesjon (33838points) January 4th, 2010

Cheesy? Sure.

True? A lot more often than not in this world.


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Perhaps our complexity of thought fosters in humans an ability to find things wrong with each other unmatched by any other species.

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We are only animals, Jon.

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I think you need to put that in quotes.

Because, in reality, people are very different, but humans are all the same.

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you and me lucas, we ain’t nothin’ but mammals. . .

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You know, I can’t understand what makes a man hate another man. Help me understand.

keyboard solo

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the answer you seek has been told by those who first asked it.

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I feel you, John, perhaps people just can’t get enough of themselves (in my opinion it’s no good). I think more often than not, people don’t try walking in my shoes. At lot of people might say” dream on, it’s a strangelove we have for one another,” but I hope that in the future we will realize that everyone is precious, that everything counts and we can shake the disease. At least I hope that they never let me down again.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities – Bra-vo!

I thought it was because the grabbing hands grab all they can; all for themselves, after all. It’s a competitive world.

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I saw Depeche Mode last year at the Hollywood Bowl. They were just as good as they were the last time I had seen them—almost 20 years prior.

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And another thing, I’m tired of people treating each other as master and servant, or as their own personal jesus, or even like they are some sort of martyr. Maybe in a new life people will see you as you are, and we can get to a point where people can learn to simply enjoy the silence.

Ok, I’m done now.

@jmah Deal!

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So… I should like you just because we’re the same species?

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities . . . I’m sorry to closedown your extrapolation of this question’s plainsong but I am in the same deep water as you. The disintegration of this thread from what it was meant to be has made me very tired of looking at all of these pictures of you.

I know I jumped artists. I am a sick man for whom there is no cure.

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@le_inferno – Well, you should at least try to interact decently with a person until they prove themselves untrustworthy. Granted, I’m only speaking from my experience. No one says to be a fool about it, but unless a person you’ve just met shoots you on sight, then giving another human being a chance is just a risk we all have to take.

Oh, @Blondesjon, why can’t I be you?

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@Blondesjon “The disintegration of this thread from what it was meant to be has made me very tired of looking at all of these pictures of you.”

C’mon man, boy’s don’t cry. I think we’ve found ourselves a new little game here, maybe we’ll have to make an official thread of it in the future, maybe friday. I’m in love with this!

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@jeffgoldblumstwigandberries, Well, hey now, it seems as though they’re playing our Love Song.

Cue maestro Jonny

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Well, I wonder, where you were going with that, @Simone_De_Beauvoir.

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@jmah nowhere productive. so i stopped.

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That’s what people do amirite?

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I just heard a quote from “This Emotional Life” on PBS that “everyone is nice until you get to know them.” Also, conflict in human interaction is inevitable. How it’s done is up to us.

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@jonsblond Remember, barbarism begins at home and if you’re gonna act like that, you’ll get nowhere fast. As far as the right to make fun of people like that, well, you just haven’t earned it yet, baby. ~

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Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now. I’ve offended @kevbo and I’ve drank the last beer. on me birthday! :(

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Aw…. Comealong!!
You and I don’t do so badlyLOL!!! ;)

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@jmah – Drat!!
So I missed out: Huh?? ;)

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We get along awfully? Fine, you’r off my Xmas card list and I want my Fondue back! :0)

There’s an old Scottish proverb that goes:
“False friends are worst than bitter enemies.”

I personally try to get along with everyone I meet – Well, they at least get that chance with me, but we’re never gonna like everyone.

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Getting along with others is simple, just show some respect! If that does not work, move on!

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It sounds like someone likes Depeche Mode. I really like that song. I actually thought about that line more than once yesterday. It’s a good message and a good point. There are times when we just need to let things go.

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@jonsblond, if you offended me, it was in my sleep ;-). I mean, you are offensive, in general, just not this time.

hee hee!

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Many people can not tolerate anyone they perceive as different from them. I like unique people. They are more interesting . They can enrich my life more. I believe that all Humans have certain things in common despite cultural differences.

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People are people, but culture makes us want and believe different things… such as, other people are the enemy.

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Why do we get along so awfully, @Blondesjon? I don’t know. You tell me!

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Some people just don’t click together. I wouldn’t even worry. You don;t have to be friends with everyone.

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@Symbeline : Why don’t we just go sack a village somewhere? Maybe some recreational pillage and plunder?

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land—All in good fun of course. :) Throws flaming torch into random hut.

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

@Symbeline : Have a go with this battle axe. It has such a lovely balance and heft to it. A good orc-slayer it be. Perhaps pillage yon tavern..tu as soif?

Berserker's avatar

@stranger_in_a_strange_land J’aie toujours soif. :D And even if we weren’t, let’s do it for the lulz! :D

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

@Symbeline Qu’est-ce que tu voulez, spiritueux ou bieres? Then we’ll round up some hostages, collect our Danegeld then burn the place. Gladly be your shield-bearer milady! :^)

Berserker's avatar

@stranger_in_a_strange_land—La bière svp, ca fait beaucoup plus badass. :D

jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities's avatar

@Symbeline, @stranger_in_a_strange_land If you guys are gonna speak in other languages, how do you expect to recruit more people to join in the pillaging and plundering? Hmmm? You can’t have an angry mob of just two people. ~

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Yes; I could do with another pillaging spree myself, Guys
But how we gonna coordinate it to keep outta trouble, if you speakin’ outside our ken??! ;)

Berserker's avatar

Just rush in and break stuff. :D

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because I’ll never gonna give you up…

denidowi's avatar

@Symbeline – only with you by my side ;)
So, do you speak Bodylanguage??

Berserker's avatar

I think people get the message when I’m swinging around my brand new battle axe, yes indeed…:D

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Can’t you all be pillagers that banter in clever, music puns whilst you rape, maim, and kill?

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Yeah. Otherwise you’re merely breakin’ the law.

Blondesjon's avatar

I know. They have me screaming for vengeance. If you guys think you can get away with it you’ve got another thing comin’.

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If anyone stops posting JP songs, some heads are gonna roll!

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let’s play master and servant.

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you can’t change the world, but you can change the facts. if you change the facts, you change points of view. if you change points of view, then you change the world.

princess di is wearing a new dress…..

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@Symbeline – Good… I hope you can speak even nicer body language alsoLOL! ;)
@Blondesjon – well they do that on TV – I learn from themLol!
@jca – So you now have access to the spirit world to check out the di’s latest: Huh??

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Sorry about the en francais, I’m the guilty party. Now let’s get this organized. Man the oars on the dragonship, we’re looking for a good cathedral ville. Sack the cathedral, drain the brewery, burn the town. Classic strandhogg stuff! @Symbeline You like the balance of that “bearded” axe? Good weight distribution and hitting power. An excellent troll-slayer.

Hopefuuly the tavern has Bass IPA on draft, but I’ve laid in an emergency supply of Lambic frambois on the ship.

I volunteer for berserker duty, none of that chainmail crap for me! My battleaxe needs to taste some Saxon blood. The shield I carry is only as Milady Symbeline’s shield-bearer.

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

Oh, and in theme, let’s “Burn Down the Mission” (EJ and Bernie 1970). ”..Watch the black smoke fly to heaven and the red flames light the sky…”

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

@jonsblond And like Warren Zevon’s “Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner”; ”...fingers on there triggers, knee-deep in gore…they killed to earn their living (and to help out the Congolese)...” getting a bit graphic, ain’t I?

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