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Where can I find a network for small businesses looking to help each other promote their companies/brands?

Asked by Adspoken (33points) January 5th, 2010

I would like to meet other small business owners who have recently started a business but need help building up a client base. Essentially trading services/ideas to bolster support and gain testimonial style support. Basically small business bartering of creative services.

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You can look in your area for an organization devoted to promoting small and local businesses. Here is an example.

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Online, try or

Also check out associations that do the same type of work as you do. If your services are more marketing-geared, join a marketing association. They are a great referral to tonnes of business.

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Look into your local commerce.

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Here they call it the Chamber of Commerce. All the businesses that want exposure band together and put out pamphlets that are available to the general public and visitors.

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this is a bit different, but merchant circle is a good way for small businesses to advertise locally.

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