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To what extent are US based religious groups responsible for the Death Penalty as punishment for the crime of being Homosexual in Uganda?

Asked by Rude_Bear (879points) January 5th, 2010

US based religious groups (including Exodus International) have been pushing their religion’s zero tolerance of homosexuality through conferences, speeches and revivals in Uganda. Some were there, working for their cause as little as 3 months ago. Now a bill is pending, making being homosexual in Uganda a crime, punishable by hanging. Needless to say, the religious groups are back pedaling away from the legislation in an effort to save their reputations. How much responsibility do they hold? How much blood is on their hands?

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The leaders of these groups (e.g. Rick Warren) were directly involved in writing the legislation. I’d say they hold direct responsibility, and any blood shed is on their hands.

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Another prime example as to why I detest religion so greatly. Killing people for having a different sexual preference? If this doesn’t make you angry at religion, I feel sorry for you, I really do.

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Watch the Rachel Maddow week-long series on this very same topic.

The answer: Very responsible.

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Totally responsible. Shame on them. They should be prosecuted for inciting hatred against people with a different sexual preference. Someone must put a stop to missionary and fundamentalist activity and the church must be held accountable legally for any actions that cause harm to or the downfall of individuals through their activities. This should include shunning, causing the loss of ‘rights’ within the community and inciting hatred against an individual or group of individuals.

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Great.. score another hit for religion as a whole because of the actions of a few (what I like to call) retardists.

Killing homosexuals is so far backward it’s medieval..

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It takes two to tango. 50%?

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I don’t think they’re 100% responsible. I think that the Americans were certainly spreading hate and fear of homosexuality, but I doubt they had any inkling how the Ugandan government would take that and turn it into something as proactive as this “Kill the Gays Bill” (as Rachel Maddow so eloquently puts it). Glad the NY Times is finally reporting on this… being a religious Rachel Maddow Show viewer, I’ve known about it for weeks.

I don’t know much about Exodus International, but to me it sounds like The Family at least (one of the religious organizations) has been more active in trying to stop the bill than the American government has been. It sounds like they were trying to kill it behind the scenes at first, probably because they were trying to avoid embarrassment in being involved at all (not to mention being potential instigators, which I’m sure they realized they were as soon as the bill was mentioned to them).

These groups seem more interested in gaining behind-the-scenes political power than anything, even spreading religion or homophobia, although those do seem to be secondary goals. Pretty depressing if you ask me.

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I hold them responsible for any deaths that ensue – I think they’re pathetic

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These righteous and pure true Christians are trying to promote their moral view in countries eager for the approval of the morally pure and wealthy power brokers that are the moral compass and the only proper leaders of the best country in the whole world.

How else will these Third World savages ever attain the moral rectitude to be worthy trade partners of that great country that models all the is Good and Right?

These poor African countries need to be morally acceptable to America, the shining beacon of Righteousness in order to raise these backwater countries out of poverty!

The poverty and backwardness of these countries is clearly G-D’s punishment for their immorality and failure to worship at the feet of the Righteous, as only they know the Mind of the only True G_D.

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@NaturalMineralWater :
“Killing homosexuals is so far backward it’s medieval..” and this justifies, what exactly?

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