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How can I get the droplr disk off my desktop?

Asked by rguest (201points) January 5th, 2010

I installed droplr, and It runs perfectly on my mac. But everytime it starts up, the disk droplr shows up on my desktop. Is there anyway to get rid of this without quitting the application?

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I was going to create a screen-cast for you. But I can’t get Droplr to run…so…
I’m guessing you didn’t drag the Droplr application file into your Applications directory, so every time you “start the application,” you’re actually launching the DMG and running the application out of it.
Try launching the application from the dock like you have been – opening the disk image from your desktop, dragging the application file to your Applications folder, removing the Droplr app from your dock, ejecting the Droplr mounted DMG, then opening the application from your Application folder.

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