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What would be a good job for a fifteen year old to get.

Asked by Qboy94 (21points) January 5th, 2010

i would like to know if any body had any suggestions of jobs for a fifteen year old male who lives in mather PA to get just to earn a little extra money.

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Cold Stone Creamery® its money in your pocket and I imagine you could try lots of samples. Yum!

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Babysitting? It isn’t just for girls… Or, tutoring?

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Go around the neighborhood and pick up some odd jobs like raking leaves and weeding.

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Are you good with computers? You could tutor older people in your neighborhood in the basics.

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It’s never too early to cultivate the habit of doing what you love, and finding that the money will follow.

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Gardening work including lawn mowing, weeding, snow shoveling.

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Do you have a lot of snow where you live? Maybe you could get paid to shovel snow? Or rake leaves, depending on the season.

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Assisting the elderly around your neighborhood with small chores. You can charge for yard work and things like cleaning out their garage or if your tall enough, changing light bulbs or cleaning places that they have problems cleaning. Or shoveling snow off their porches and driveways. Help move heavy stuff or even arrange to go grocery shopping for the ones who have a hard time getting around.

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This is a question that is How I started, Odd jobs grew to a full calender after school and my first car at 15 with my own money and now Still gardening after 25 years!

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President of Chrysler. And the way they’ve been going, that may be an option, too.

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@sjmc1989 – Oooooooooooooooooo… Just the thought of cold stone creamery makes me want my car keys! Dark Chocolate with Founders Favorite hold the choc sauce extra brownies! Yummmmmmm…

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I know! I made the most amazing discovery while I was on their website Cake Batter Delux cupcake in the middle read the description. Aahhmazing!

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Do you think they can make a Bath Tub Full…. @sjmc1989

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@phil196662 I would think if you have the money they would give you a pool sized portion! That is if you could handle it…

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I would need Help! but the consumption would be Fun…It’s bad enough I have a freezer with a Dozen Everybody Size Founders Dark Choc’s All the time!

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Work in Burger King

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library (if you like reading), odd jobs (you’d be surprised how sometimes stuff you did for the family down the street can come in handy 20 years later), local computer kid (if you’re into that), pretty much anything you enjoy doing that you can find someone around town to pay you for; just be careful… too much of a good thing can be dangerous, I worked in a bookstore for a few months until I realized I was spending ⅔’s of my paycheck before I even got it.

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The kinds of jobs my friends and I had at your age, and my little cousins have now, are: food service, lifeguarding, tutoring, swimming or music lessons, camp/after4 counsellor, odd jobs (yard work, craft/bake sales, laundry service if people in your neighbourhood use a laundromat, setting up a neighbour’s stereo system or internet/firewall, washing cars, babysitting, hosting/bar-tending at a neighbour’s party, etc.)

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Is there a nearby golf course?... be a golf caddy, learn the game as your earn some dough

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What comes to mind is: Grocery store, fast-food restaurant, and ice-cream parlor. I like the encouragement of others stating that to do what he or she likes. That’s a good start :).

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Do teenagers still do paper delivery routes? I’m pretty sure my delivery person is a senior citizen.

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chick fil a! they hire fifteen year olds. it was my first job and it kicked ass yo

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@sjmc1989 LURVE FOR COLDSTONE!!!!!!!

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Parents have any friends with a home office or theyre own business? I worked at my dads law office when i was that age.

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McDonalds, fast food, babysitting, paper route, random untaxed jobs….mowing lawns, doing neighbours house work, walking dogs.

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If you play an instrument reasonably well, teach that skill to beginners.
I financed my first university degree that way!

Are you good with a camera, get hired to photograph peoples parties and sell them the prints.

Are you handy with tools – offer to odd repair jobs in peoples homes. Just don’t overstep your knowledge with plumbing or electrical tasks. Focus on painting, fixing minor stuff, hanging wallpaper, even heavy cleaning like ovens, garages, and basements,

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How about. tutoring younger kids? Tuition over here is a real lucrative job because parents here are really paranoid and want their kids to score all As all the time even from Primary 1

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Pet sitting? Our neighbor boy has made it a PT business. We pay him $$ when we have to travel on weekends to watch our dog.

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Lazy teen-ager.

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Bag groceries. Work in a sub shop. Coffee shop. Distribute campaign flyers. Sell lemonade (wait, that might not be legal anymore). Shine shoes? Go undercover and help the police bust convenience stores for selling cigarettes to minors.

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MMMm you could make an ad and place it on craigslist offering to clan out basements, garages ect, be a mother;s weekend helper. You could go to an assistant living establishment and volunteer and I bet you if you can do some special things for the elderly stuck in there they tip . Or go to senior people around your neighborhood and explain your trying to earn some sand and to please call you if they have anything that needs done, or if they want someone to come read to them,n things like that. You could become a paid part time companion

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