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What distance is needed for you to hop into your car and drive to your destination?

Asked by JustAnother (199points) January 5th, 2010

I generally won’t put the keys into the ignition unless it’s over two miles. Library is a mile away, and my car only has been in the lot if I stop by there on the way from work. Just curious of other’s minimal driving distance.

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I bike everywhere that isn’t out of town.

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If I can’t use public transport to get to a place, then it’s probably because I’m in my roommate’s car and she’s driving us both to the supermarket, or a bunch of us are going to her dad’s cabin in Woodstock. Neither of which are anywhere near a train line.

I don’t drive.

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Pretty much any distance further than my car.
I don’t have any alternate means of transportation, and I’m certainly not walking to the grocery store (well, the “to” isn’t the bad part. It’s the “from, while carrying groceries” that’s the problem)

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Since I usually have at least one kid with me when I go anywhere, my walking distance is very small. We’ll walk to my in-law’s house down the street in all but the worst weather. We live very close to the high school, so when we want to play soccer with the kids or run around the track we walk there. We also found out there’s a path through the woods behind the high school leading to one of our favorite local parks. Now we often walk there.

We don’t really live close enough to anything else for walking. I’m sure many people could bike to the grocery store or downtown area about three miles from here. It might kill me though. There are too many hills in Connecticut! No public transportation, either.

However, when I have a lot of errands to run I’ll pick a central parking location and walk from store to store. Our Main Street area is great, with the post office, library, book store, and grocery store all easy to walk to from any of the parking areas. It’s also very pretty, and while walking around you get to savor the smells from the local coffee shop or, at the other end of the street, a really nice Italian restaurant. :)

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The freshmen here don’t seem to have cars, so neither do I. I bike everywhere. I bike all around campus, I bike to downtown Palo Alto (which I go to a lot) and various other things. I don’t have a choice. But it’s good because it’s good exercise. :)

When I was in SF, I pretty much drove everywhere. Our house is on a hill, so I’m not going to bike or walk up a hill. Not only would it have been tiring (I really hate biking uphill), but it would’ve taken a long time to get anywhere because I lived far from the businesses and downtown and such.

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I don’t drive, although I have a roommate who does, so I go to the supermarket and other stores with her. When she’s not here I don’t mind walking (I go to the more expensive but closer supermarket in the winter to avoid freezing, and the farther but cheaper one in the summer) but I know that she’s gonna drive there about once a week anyway, so I might as well hitch.

Other than that I usually will walk anywhere if it’s less than a 30 minute walk and if I don’t have heavy things to carry. If I’m going to the train station with a huge suitcase I’ll ask for a ride or take a cab – there’s nowhere to stash a bike at the train station here, at least not where it won’t get stolen in a hot second.

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It depends on whether I am in a hurry to get somewhere or not when my knee is normal.

Right now I have to drive everywhere.

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I don’t have a car right now, but if I did I would only use it to drive out of town (beyond the limits of public transportation), or to transport large packages (which wouldn’t be a matter of distance, but rather size—that is, if I couldn’t carry it on public transportation.)

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Distance isn’t really the issue. I have a bad knee so you won’t see me “hop” into anything.

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I am disabled and I can’t even mail a letter without going farther than I can walk. I make very few trips a month and I try to get everything done while I am out.

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It depends on the weather. Spring and summer, I’ll walk anywhere as long as I have the time. Winter and late fall, I won’t go anywhere if it’s going to take more than ten minutes to walk.

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Gave my car to my boyfriend. I bike everywhere, now.

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really depends on the weather, goal, and time frame. don’t want to be sweaty for corporate presentations, late for dates, or lugging back 2 weeks worth of groceries through a foot of snow… otherwise I’ll usually bike if the round trip is 20 miles or less or walk if it’s 6 miles or less (more if I can rest at the destination and have plenty of time).

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I drive everywhere. The neighborhood I live in is not suitable for walking.

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I own neither a car nor a (functional) bike, so I walk everywhere on campus, even in the winter. I probably walk about two hours every day just moving from one class to another, but I really enjoy it when it’s not snowing. Unfortunately, too many months constitute Cleveland winters.

Going out and about means taking public transportation, which is always a fun adventure.

@DominicX: I know those Stanford bikers can be perilous, man.

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I’ll drive anywhere there’s free or reasonably priced parking space at the destination. otherwise I take Mass Transit

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I live in the burbs and nothing is within walking distance so I drive everywhere.

But even if something were, I have no cartilage left in the knees (basically down to bone-on-bone-ouch) so until I get knee replacements, I’m not doing a whole lot of walking anywhere.

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@njnyjobs Don’t come to Chicago. In the downtown Loop area, street parking now costs $4.25 an hour. By the year 2013, or so, it’s supposed to be closer to $7.00 an hour. With that and the high sales tax, I just wonder why they don’t save time and effort and just put a “Closed” to replace the “Welcome to Chicago” signs.

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I ride my bike or my motor scooter everywhere around town and nearby bush. The only time I use the car is if I have a load of timber or am coming into Darwin. I am in Darwin now and had to go through almost a meter of water across the road in several flood plain areas. I would have needed scuba gear to go through it on a bike or the scooter, hehehehe.

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Anyone else from Massachusetts often mistake the word “mass” for an abbreviation of our state? Happens whenever someone mentions “mass transit” – I always think it’s Massachusetts transit.

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Depends on why I’m going. If it’s work.. it’s generally 5am .. dark.. and freezing… so I’m driving regardless..

If it’s a weekend… I’m driving regardless too .. because nothing with any entertainment value exists within 2 miles of my home.. lol

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