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Would leaving garage lights on 24 hours per day (1) invite, (2) deter, or (3) have no effect on mice?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12547points) January 5th, 2010

[In reference to wild mice coming from outside into the house]

Please cite your source or at least state the reasoning for your opinion. Thanks!!

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It might deter them at first, as they are nocturnal, but I think they would become accustomed to it & ignore the lights after awhile.

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deter but not stop the mice from entering

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I am familiar with lights detering roaches, but not rodents. They smell food- they will go for it. Time to place some rodent bate around.

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I think it would initially deter them, because they probably will initially connect the light on with someone being in that area. But after a day I think it will have no effect on them. They’re cold and hungry!

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My current landlord has always left a garage light on 24/7 for years.

It hasn’t deterred the occasional mouse from seeking shelter from the cold.

However, with both his dog and my cat in residence, and both willing to chase them down, they don’t stay long :)

I think you’d be better off with siccing a pet on them at the first signs rather than relying upon the lights to do it.

Just my opinion. I also think that word gets around in the local mouse community from any survivors about which buildings contain animals to chase them.

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I think it would have no effect on them.

I rented an apartment, in my younger days. The entire building was infested with mice…I was sitting on my couch one day, doing a crossword puzzle, when these 2 mice ran from under my couch, playing chase with each other. Lights were on, but I was no moving, or making noise…

I think mice care less about lights than they do activity.

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from experience it will deter them, but only from being in that particular area, and if left alone for extended periods they will venture out if there is no other safe way to find food. Just keep in mind, they might be able to get into the garage and quickly find their way into a nice dark wall or behind seemingly safe detritus. your best bet is probably to make sure there are no easy food sources (open garbage cans, flower seeds, bulbs, bird food, pet food, etc.) in the area, and keep it as open and as much stuff off the floor as possible. Also, if you have no objections you might want to get a cat!

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The only times I’ve seen mice in my kitchen is during daylight.

Not to say they don’t come out at night, they probably do more than they do in the day, but my point is I’ve seen them plenty of times in the day so I don’t think keeping the light on would deter mice. Especially not in the long-run: I think they’d adjust very quickly, if it caused them any pause at all.

Peppermint oil is a good deterrent, but it doesn’t last long so you have to keep spraying it (time and money). I suggest looking into those plug-in sonar things. I’ve had experience with them working very well.

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It would stop them for awile, but if the place is nasty they will forget all about the lights. Good sanitary conditions is the only way to stop them.

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No garage is complete without aging mousetraps scattered around!

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In 1970 I was sitting on a chair in the living room watching four or five mice having a great time swinging on the skirts of the chairs.
Of course, at least one lamp was on. It was like some kind of dream.

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