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Why cant i pee?

Asked by dextromethorphan (11points) January 5th, 2010

I CANT PEE . i feel like i have to go, but it just wont come out..once in a great while a few dribbles will come out but thats all and even then it squirts sideways or backwards. never spraying out, just drips.

and my nasal passages are all irritating and dry and will become cracked/sore but ill put bag-balm on it.

any advice on how to make myself pee?

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Maybe see a doctor immediately. This sounds alarming and beyond any advice you’re going to get here, unless you are simply amusing yourself out of boredom.

(How do you know that your nasal passages will become cracked and sore. And you mean “irritated,” I presume.)

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No, really. Go to the hospital.

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Whoa, this sounds quite serious. Call your doc. Are you properly hydrated? Have you had any other sickness? No, that doesn’t matter at this point. Seek help, dude!

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Doctor. Now.

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Don’t mess with the urethra, man. Does it burn when you try to urinate? Is this chronic or new or a sporadic thing? How old are you? How’s your prostate?

Needless to say, go see a doctor, ASAP.

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Your username also concerns me a little… but I agree you need to seek help immediately

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eww, your dick is broken

edit: go to a doctor for medical aid

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At least: bladder infection (UTI)

At most: STD, serious viral infection, or ???

IAC, don’t seek advice from a Q&A site for this, except the advice to go see a doctor in person asap.

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I’m taking a wild guess and going with troll clog. Can’t be cured. It just falls off after a while, when it gets bored.

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Kidney stones, bladder infection… Whatever it is will need a doctor to get better.
Do it NOW, before your kidneys burst!

edit: I was gonna attach that last comment with a link to the Simpsons episode where Grampa’s kidneys burst, but it isn’t available any more.

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This is a side effect of a sensitivity to or too much antihystamine, such as Dextromethorphan. Drink a lot of water to flush it out and stay the fuck away from the Robitussin. If the flushing causes too much discomfort because you still can’t pee, go to the ER and get cathed. I suspect, due to your username, you are screwing with a cheap OTC high and you are paying the price.

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Go to a doctor. Sometimes they can be found under the bridges where you live.

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Very, very dehydrated.

Funny… I thought bridges had plenty of water under them.

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^ But they don’t drink. They only eat billy goats. :)

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I think Espiritus hit the nail on the head. That was my first thought when reading the SN of the OP.

Catheter time. Oh what fun !

This is your dick…..

This is your dick on drugs…..

Get it ?

I guess they’re going to have to change the old PSA with the egg and the frying pan to some different metaphor for the new generation.

I don’t know…hoses? Clothespins?

Anybody else got somethin’ better ?

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Did you OD on your user name? You need to go to the doctor NOW!
How has your fluid intake been? You know that dehydration can kill you, right? I don’t mean to scare you, but this IS serious.

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dxm is an enjoyable high, but dangerous

it is advised to stay away from drugs

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its all better. and i dont know what dextromethorphan is? i thats silly i just thought it was a cool word. just a completely random word yanno? first word that popped into my head! lol idk i dont do drugs. none. and i wouldnt be abusing OTC drugs. im 20 years old to whoever asked that. ill have been competley clean and sober 3 months on the 19th of this month!

but yeah i ended up pee]ing a ton in the middle of last night. it was GREAT!!! i peed for ages it seemed like! im sick kinda. idk im going to the doc tomorrow. been off work a few days.

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@dextromethorphan ; hope everything continues to come out alright. FYI, Fluther is not real text speak friendly.

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