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How many Native American (American Indian) physicians are there in California?

Asked by adriane (5points) January 8th, 2007
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As of 2003, there were 65
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Of California’s 93,000 physicians, only 65 are Native American
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citation from
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maybe this report (from 2004 and not TCWF) may have more updated figures
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"Among the report's other findings is that African-Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans remain significantly underrepresented among physicians in California."
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The report was also co-authored by Brian Quinn, research associate at the Petris Center. An electronic copy of the executive summary and full report is available by calling the Petris Center at (510) 643-4100.
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Um, I’m 1/16 cherokee and ⅓2 black feet

Does that make me a wannabe? – PS – not in california

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