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How long did it take you to finally become pregnant?

Asked by ItalianPrincess1217 (11973points) January 5th, 2010 from iPhone

If you’re pregnancy was planned, how many months/years did you try before it happened? How often were you having sex? Did you try to plan what month the baby would be born (December=Christmas baby)? Were you on any kind of birth control that took awhile to get out of your system? Any additional info is welcome!

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Edit: Never mind.

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@Grisaille…Well that was helpful.

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My first arrived because we thought it would probably be safe to not use a condom on our wedding night as it was 17 days after the first day of my last period. So my next two were worked around that.

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Still trying.

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Hey, sorry, okay! :P

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@Grisaille So what gives? Why never mind? I need to know!

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My husband and I agreed that we would have our child after he was settled/successful in his career. Five years into our marriage, we visited family in New York, and really enjoyed the cousins new babies. On the way home, he said, we could do that, you know. I was absolutely thrilled. I stopped taking the “pills” and we commenced ‘trying’. Well it was a very exciting four months, but we finally achieved our goal.
I felt so sorry for his sister, because she wanted to have a cousin for our son to play with, but they had several miscarriages, and it took them 10 long, sad years to finally carry their first son to term.

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Well, our first and third babies were happy surprises. The second was planned. We wanted to wait until we bought a house and settled in before having another baby. A couple of months after we finally got the house (our daughter was almost 4), fixed it up, and moved in, we decided to go for it. I’d been on the pill, and stopped taking them. We didn’t really do anything different to try to conceive, and the second month off the pill I found out I was pregnant. Having babies is way too easy for us.

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1st try both times! Stopped birth control and that was it!

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All I had to do was spread my legs. Noooo, problem. Both our daughters were planned. I’d been on BC pills & had stopped taking them. The results were instant.

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I wouldn’t say we ever tried. But, it was known to both of us we were having unprotected sex.

With my son, I hadn’t been on birth control for four months. The third month I suffered a miscarriage. Then got pregnant immediately with our son. I don’t think we were having sex an extreme amount, and weren’t planning on any specific month.
This pregnancy, we sort of let things happen a couple times. I honestly wanted a January baby, but knew that that sort of thing rarely works out. It was only two cycles before I got pregnant…so nothing in April, but at the end of May I conceived. And here I am pregnant and due in February.

With my first, I was on the pill off and on for years, and other various birth controls. I think they took a while to get out of my body. This time around, I hadn’t been on birth control for a while, because I dislike taking hormonal birth control. So, nothing to wait for.

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I was on birth control pills for about seven years before we decided to try for our first child. The doctor said we could start trying as soon as I stopped taking the pills. We tried for seven months before we finally succeeded. Everyone told me that my time on the pill wouldn’t make it take longer to conceive, but I am certain it did. We conceived our second son the very first time we tried – that’s why my first two are sixteen months apart – I thought it would take a while the second time too!

Here is a book I found very helpful. There are lots of books out there about overcoming infertility, but it is harder to find a “how to” book on getting pregnant! That is what this book is, and it is a great resource.

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how should i know?

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Two minutes!

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the minuet he hung his pants on the end of my bed.

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A big thanks to everyone who took the thread seriously enough to answer my questions. I appreciate you sharing your stories :)

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The first child we planned for the child to be born during summer break, since my wife was a professor and I was a student (not her student, and not a traditional student based on age). We “tried” exactly twice before success. With the second child we tried for a few months, and didn’t really worry about the birth date.

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Our first one was conceived while I was on birth control, but our second took 5 months to get his bun in the oven!

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We had a miscarriage shortly after we were married in 1999. We are still trying everything including medication and medical procedures. We will try artificial insemination soon. It breaks my heart that my wife can’t have babies yet. She loves children like noone I’ve ever met, and is the most wonderful aunt, ex nanny, older cousin, daughter and wife. Good luck.

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@stevenb I have a close friend who just had a wonderful baby boy after more than ten years of trying. They decided to give IFV one last try, and it finally worked. I hope you and your wife get to welcome a baby into your family soon too.

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Thank you very much, MissAusten!

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With my first, it took about 6 mo of trying. With my second, we didn’t plan but between the miscarriage and the pregnancy it was 3 mo before I was pregnant again.

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My husband was injured when he was in his late teens, and told that he would probably never father any children. Because of this, we did not use birth control. I became pregnant five months into our relationship. Our second son was born two years later. That was an oops moment, not planned. After our second son was born I went on birth control.

Five years later we decided to try for another child. It took us four years to finally conceive our daughter. We tried constantly. It was when I had given up hope after four years of trying that I found out I was pregnant.

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First try all four times..a day (when I thought I was safe) after the last day of my period. I had a son, two early miscarriages and then a daughter. We always used some sort of birth control except for those four times.

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Almost a year and a half the first time; the second month of trying the second.

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With our first we made a decision to try to have a kid and within the first month that happened. The second and third happened even though we weren’t trying in the case of the second and with an IUD in for the third.

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I think it took my wife six years; maybe seven before she finally got pregnant. We tried for a year and nothing happened, so we started the infertility adventure. She checked out just fine. I turned out not to have a single sperm in my semen. Bummer. What a waste it was all those years the girls were worrying about birth control.

What followed was years of fertility treatments and therapy and group and research. We tried using a friend’s sperm for artificial insemination. Didn’t work (thank goodness). Finally the technology caught up. We tried it once. Didn’t work. Not even a single embryo. Then a few years later we found out the technology was much better. So we went through the whole thing, and this time my wife did get pregnant. That was fourteen years ago. Our kids are amazing—even the one that was frozen for four years before being born.

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I should add I was using a diaphragm and not chemical control. That seemed to have made everything simple. Don’t wear the diaphragm…boom.

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