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Anyone know where to buy white hair nets?

Asked by SarasWhimsy (1637points) January 6th, 2010

My Grandma has always worn a hair net in her hair and now that her hair is white, the black nets aren’t looking so great. Do you know where to find the fine white hair nets? Widmann’s was the last place we found that carried them and they’ve been out of business more than ten years (glad we stocked up when we did!).

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No. They’re much smaller. They’re what women used to use to put their hair in a bun. Like this: only white.

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the link didn’t work.
So more like a ‘bun cap’ then?

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I can’t find a picture of a bun cap, but probably.

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I still see them at the “Dime Store” that we have in nearby small town.
If you don’t have one of those left in your area, you will probably have to order them.
Like this?

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@gemiwing no that’s not it. That’s a bit garish. It’s very finely woven.

@wilma That’s it! Thanks!

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If you have a Sally’s Beauty near you or some other beauty/wig supply store they will probably carry them.

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@elocin the only one near by is Sally’s Beauty and they don’t carry them. My hairdresser has been unable to find them too.

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