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Is there a reason that I have no questions in My Questions?

Asked by marinelife (62382points) January 6th, 2010

I have been having many, many questions, especially overnight, in My Questions. Today, I had nothing overnight and have gotten nothing all morning even though several of the categories seem like categories that I have gotten in the past.

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I’m not 100% sure, but I believe the “tags” on the questions will disperse them out to people who have similar expertise posted on their account. I’ve had days like that, where I get next to no, if not any new questions in “My Questions”..Does that even make sense?

Man, I wish it was Friday…

I’d delete my answer but that’s not cool! So I’m gonna scribble it out ;) Reading other’s posts it’s a glitch and I’m babbling O_o

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Oh thank you, thank you @Marina for asking the question. I thought it was just me they hate – I’ve had no questions since some time yesterday too!

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I haven’t had anything for the past two days.

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Oh Fluthergods, what is happening to us loyal acolytes?

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This has happened in the past. I assume there is a glitch in the programming and they are working frantically to fix it.

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Questionless here as well.

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I think it’s a glitch. I reported it.

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The Wicked Glitch of the West?

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that’s not the only glitch happening.

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@syz . . . Share?

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Having no questions suits me just fine. I never use it anyway :)

I prefer to just go thru and pick my own rather than a computer telling me what I want.

My iPhone does that just fine as is.

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Yeah, I’ve got nothing either.

I assumed it was because I wasn’t interesting, but I guess not.

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@syz Can you tell us more?

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None here either, but I rather like it. I can surf through the ones on the home page just fine, thank you.. Honestly, I HATE that feature. It’s like…don’t tell me what I’d be interested in.. Let ME decide! It’s rather intrusive, IMO.

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Yeah we’re working on it. Nothing is lost, just delayed until we fix it. You should get everything shortly.

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Alright everything is back to work…questions for you had 222 questions to process and it takes a little while for each one so we should be 100% back to normal in an hour. We’ve set up an alert for this kind of situation so it doesn’t go on for over a day like this incident.

Sorry if you got a million messages on awards, I know johnpowell already hates me—don’t hurt me!

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Oh, shit, they’re back! :-(

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Just totally ignore them and let them pile up. That’s what I do. I just go to the home page and browse around.

There’s no law that says you HAVE TO pay any attention to the questions for you.

Unless one is OCD enough to be uncomfortable with having any sitting there :)

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@Buttonstc See, you hit it for me. I can’t STAND anything to be in any of the categories. At night when I shut this down, everything has to be cleared out. I’ve just been deleting them all & going back to the home page.

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Well, I took my inspiration from John Powell on this. I was also findin it frustrating to have to deal with all these question I never asked for and feeling vaguely guilty about it.

One day he posted a screenshot of his stats page and his total of unanswered questions for you was awesomely in the THOUSANDS.

That’s when inspiration struck. I guess seeing that enabled me to give myself permission to do likewise. I’ve never once looked back.

Thank you JP.

(apparently those awesome numbers are no longer possible cuz I read somewhere that the Fluther gods have instituted some sort of mechanism which auto-deletes old ones after a certain time period. But since I don’t bother with it at all, I’m basically indifferent about it :)

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I am in the camp with @jbfletcherfan, sadly. I have just been cleaning out my backlog!

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“Be careful what you wish for…..”

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I have 32.

Had. Now it’s 24.

I liked it better when I cleaned them out than when they disappear automatically.

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@janbb: I am glinching my teeth. There are suddenly 50 waiting in the queue.

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