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Something amaZEN just happened, Grisaille hit 10K!

Asked by J0E (13162points) January 6th, 2010

Sorry for the horrible pun :)

Give it up for the amazing Grisaille, the newest 10K’er


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WAY TO GO BRO!!!!!!! That was a meteoric rise my friend… couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy! Glad to be here early for the party!

Edit: “Hold on to your potatoes” has a whole new meaning now doesn’t it short round?

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You make me so proud.

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GOOD JOB!!!!!!!1111!!!1!!!one!!!11

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WooHooo! releasing confetti as I type!

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Despite our bitter rivalry, I must give congrats to one of the wisest, funniest, and most likable jellies in these waters. Congrats Grisaille!

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Happy 10k day to you!!!

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Congrats!! Great job @Grisaille !!

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Congrats to a great Jelly; one who, I think, is one of the exemplars of Fluther-ness!

Happy 10K, @Grisaille and know that the best is yet to come!

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Happy 10k Grisaille! This is so very exciting! Glad I didn’t get to the party late. :)


It appears I will have to act sooner next time to be the one to start the party. :P

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@KatawaGrey Gotta be in the right place at the right time.

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Stopped to eat my bacon sandwich and look who reached 10K!

Congratulations Grisaille – couldn’t have happened to a more forthright, nicer kid from the Bronx!

Let’s all give him a Bronx cheer (but affectionately.)

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Zenbooooooo! Congrats! Well deserved m’dear. You’re awesome. And cool. And funny. anddddddddddddddddddddd everyonelovesyou.
does happy dance


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@KatawaGrey Yeah, I was about ½ way through with writing it myself. Damn your swiftness @J0E!

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Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!

Now, get back to work taking those b&w self-portraits b/c we need MOAR!

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Nice job my friend. You are an intelligent, thoughtful, and hilarious addition to an already impressive collective. I hope you continue to stick around.

I’m not ashamed to let the world know that Zen is one helluva guy, you know, for a Mexican.

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Oh god, that is the worst title in the history of ever.

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@Grisaille lol I had to work both names into it some how.

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Congratulations! I feel like you’ve been here longer than the 10K would have us believe.

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This is Zenfully delightful! Congrats! :D

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Amazing Grisaille! Keep on lurvin’!

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Alright, fine.

@Blondesjon Watch it Pancho. You know us Triads run in… threes. You aren’t so bad yourself. Just watch your back.

@robmandu Nice my ass. I quit smoking and I want to hurt people. But thank you! Next photo will unfortunately be sans smoke.

@holden On my unbirthday, no less. Peculiar.

@chelseababyy No pancakes. head asplode.

@janbb Very curious as to where that term originated, “Bronx Cheer.” Not sure how much I like my hometown being associated with flatulence.

@absalom So have I. I need to get the hell away from you people, I feel like I’ve been here for years.

@KatawaGrey There is no “late” at my parties.

@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Race ya to 20k. P.S. I will destroy you

@Dr_C I’m still waiting for those tickets to the live donkey show you promised me. The hell, man?

@rangerr Love ya too. Keep your head up.

@peedub It’s all for you, naked… bear… man?

@jonsblond Oh god, that’s worse than the title. Jon made you write that, didn’t he? Tell me he made you write that.

And thanks to all the rest. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go pass out somewhere. I haven’t slept for 18 hours. Really, though. Thanks.

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Congratulations! Being a new comer to fluther…
I have someone/something to look up to! 10k? Whaat. Kudos to you

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Good for you! Let’s strike up the band & let’s have a party! Margaritas are on me. :D

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@Grisaille In my day, a Bronx cheer was blowing a raspberry – didn’t mean it to be as rude as you took it! I will do some research and get back to you on its etymology.

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“Race ya to 20k. P.S. I will destroy you” @Grisaille says as he watches @jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities already sprinting ahead of him.~

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Woo Hoo! Congratulations!

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Yipee Kiaaayyyye!! Congrats!

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I can’t believe I didn’t notice you were getting close—this is so great!

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@grisaille This was the best definition on-line. Derivation is conjectured to be from the cheers Bronx fans would give the Yankees when they were doing poorly.

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A big-ass congratulations to ya @Grisaille…there is not a doubt you are well deserving of this party! Cheers!

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@forestGeek Do you have a picture of said ass? I’m dying of curiosity! :)

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Ooh! I’m hoppin’ excited! Another 10Ker in the fluther! Congratulations, Grisaille!

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Much congratulations, @Grisaille, I think you’re a wonderful member and I would be very sad if you left Fluther ever. Congrats again!

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@forestGeek and @Val123I lurve the expression ‘big-ass’ anything – ever since my three year old neighbor said it to me one Halloween when describing the pumpkin she got!

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@autumn43 ROFL!!! THREE??! My my! I like the term too, by the way (but not from my little ones!) and I just got the urge to see what one looks like!

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Congratulations you awesome Jelly you! Party like there’s no tomorrow in the 10k mansion, baby!

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Zen you totally ROCK! Your suite is ready and has a full studio for your music as well as a decked out writers haven. It has a 90” big screen that is hooked to Fluther chat so you can stay up all night injecting poetic prose or sly wit depending on mood.

Oh- you view is of the bay and city lights.

Looks like I am buying more drinks!!

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What took you so damned long dude??? Good work and good to see ya!

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Yay! Congrats @Grisaille!

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Wait. Zen = Grisalle? I’m confused.

Congrats anyway!

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Whooo hooooo! :) Congratez!!:D Happy Freaking 10k day!!

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@Val123 – There are to be seen at :)

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Congrats @Grisaille !!! I always get a kick out of what you have to say, and I have a feeling you will add greatly to the party at the 10k mansion!

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@Grisaille You weren’t at 10k yet? Given the quality of your answers, I thought you’d been there long ago. Congratulations on finally getting that room in the 10k mansion you so richly deserve!

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@forestGeek That is NOTHING like what I pictured!

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I thought the same thing @drdoombot I was stunned to see this “question” I would have thought for sure @Grisaille would be at 50,000 by now.

Congrats @Grisaille on the 10K!

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The fluther user Zen/Zen_Again is not the same person as Gris. However, @Grisaille‘s name is Zen, so that’s what the fluther chatters call him.

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Hoorah for @Grisaille! Well done, sir!

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@Grisaille.. What can I say? You give me a raging vocaboner!

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Ah, yeeeeah!!! Congrats to my favorite jelly!!! I remember when you first started here. You had me with the fart/shit your pants comment. Ha!

He’s got the smarts, he’s wise beyond his years, is talented (writer, artist, plays the gee-tar), is sensitive and pops his collar like no otha’. And, damn, them there eyes.

Good stuff, bud!

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Oh man!!! I have been watching his because I wanted to make the 10K question!!! Oh well, I am slow with this stuff so I missed it!!! But my lovely E-Husband totally deserves the 10K honor!!! Congrats Zennifer, you are one super amazing guy and not to mention a wonderful spouse!!!! XD

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I’m late again. I swear work is getting in the way of 10K parties.
Congratulations Grisaille! You came up fast but I expected that you would. You are witty, insightful and quick with your sarcasim, which is necessary here.
You rock!

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Hey Beautiful, congrats! Hugs.

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Congratulations to the hands down, bar none, coolest guy on Fluther! I just have two other words for you; “Pop it!”

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You always have an interesting take on things plus writing talentv

Cingratulations to a worthy Jelly.

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Congrats to the newest inhabitant of 10K-land!!!!

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Congrats Grisaille! You’ve got some great posts!

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YAY, Grisaille. YAY! I’m very envious . . .

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Congrats to you!!!

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Congrats!! It’s a flurry of new 10Kers today, don’t run out of pancakes!

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YAY! Have a cookie!

No ciggies!

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You are the funniest motherfucker on this website. I love you. Marry me.

Also congrats.

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I sense a brawl between @nikipedia and @IBERnineD around the corner…

Wooooohoooooo Zen! Congratulations buddy!

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I always read your answers and think, “Damn, that’s on point.” You’re really funny. Congratulations!!

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Congrats to another of the fun jellies!
Be proud of this, and enjoy your day!
C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! !

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Great job, @Grisaille!!! Welcome to the mansion made of chocolate, sprinkles, and happiness. Grab your water wings and join us in the pool, m’dear.

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Yay! Congrats Zen!

You’ve earned it!

You can finally sleep now.

or, since sleep is the cousin of death, you can party all night long. I’ll make the guacamole!

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Okay, I must be very slow here. Grisaille is Zen?

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Double double, Grisaille and trouble! 10k burn and fluther bubble!

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@filmfann Grisaille is Zen, but not that Zen. :D

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@filmfann see my previous answer ^^

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Fashionably late but no disrespect. Mad props for a fellow Zoo Yorker passin’ the tape.
We’re movin’ on up Weezy.

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@SeventhSense – One of my pals just got an apartment in his building on a much higher floor today and said the exact same thing to me! Hahaha! So NYC.

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Grisaille – A style of monochromatic painting in shades of gray, used especially for the representation of relief sculpture, or to simulate one. Achromatic painting. May refer to a gray underpainting, laid for subsequent color glazing. Also, a kind of paint which can be fired onto glass.

Huh. You are definitely not monochromatic, or you would never have gotten to 10k. Congratulations! Have you considered changing your name to Roy G. Biv to better represent your colorful personality?

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I can’t believe I missed that.

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Ah… made it! You didn’t need to…..I’d have kept smuggling you in forever but now you get to truly enjoy the rewards of 10k lurve with all the friends you have here and boy, do you have plenty. It’s no surprise to me you have become one of the most popular jellies, if not the most popular jelly, in these waters. You are very real, my friend. People joke that this is just the internet , a tangled web of wires, cables, wireless transmitters and recievers full of trolls, crazy nuts and people who can pretend they are whomever they wish to be and make claims to accomplishing things bigger than one can even imagine, let alone dream about. But no, you have been real from the start.
And it has worked for you. Why? Because you are sharp, talented, creative, passionate and personable. And you write beautifully. Your words are clear and poetic and perfect, whether you choose to be serious or funny or clever and you nail it with every one of your posts. We “get” what you say. We see what you see, feel what you feel,. We’ve shared your joys and laughed loudly with you. We’ve also felt your pain and cried real tears by your side even thousands of miles away. You and the words you write do not seek or demand attention, but you get it, because you have earned it, every bit as much as you have earned the love, admiration and respect of the entire collective.
Now let’s get something straight. You are not the smartest jelly, or the wisest, or the funniest, or most clever, or the most beautiful. But none of those jellies got a thing on you, because you’ve got the entire package. And there is no doubt in my mind that if someone were to ask me who best exemplifies fluther, it would be none other than @Grisaille I would name and with absolutely no hesitation.
To the only jelly whose absence created such a void in my heart and mind to actually cause me to search for you to check on your welfare, to the extreme that I actually not only visited but joined twitter and tumblr and whateverthefuck other social sites your are on (and they even made me twit and tweet or some shit like that).....Congratulations Zen, my friend! The party is on me tonight. Once you’ve unpacked your bags and guitar and gotten comfortable come on by to my place. Stop and grab the fly on your way. We’ll party it up and what do you say we trash the lounge? Or, maybe we’ll just fuck with @Blondesjon and switch his full beers with empties. You never know…..maybe we can get him sober and speechless.
See ya…..Gary/wtf

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Congratulations to one of the driest jellies around! I love your dry sense of humor. I think you are a great addition to Fluther! 10k and beyond!

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Sorry I’m late. Zen, you are good people, my friend. The best. A well deserved congratulations to you!

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To the only jelly whose absence created such a void in my heart and mind to actually cause me to search for you to check on your welfare, to the extreme that I actually not only visited but joined twitter and tumblr and whateverthefuck other social sites your are on (and they even made me twit and tweet or some shit like that).....

Sounds like you’ve been smitten Gary…:P

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woooohooo CONGRATS!!

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Wow! You’re here! It seems like just yesterday you were an itty bitty baby jelly. They grow so quickly!! Welcome to the mansion. In just a blink you will Be in the 20K penthouse suite I am sure of it!

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A rising young star! Congratulations, @Grisaille. You bring many bright and shining moments to fluther.

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Echt total wahnsinn super spitzen klasse!

I really appreciate your comments !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Aw freak.. I’m late? I knew you were gonna get here soon enough, it was just a question of when. And finally you did it! Congrats!

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You’re late, SB, but at least you made it (Even though the only one left at the party is Blondesjon, who’s passed out on the couch. There’s one hell of a mess though, you can help me with the cleanup!)

and you’re halfway to your own 10K party! Congrats again!

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@petethepothead Aww shyucks stop making me blush. I’ll definitely help. =)

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@petethepothead Did Blondesjon pass out with his shoes on or off? I brought my lucky sharpie!

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