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Do you look at or watch things that you can't stand even though you know you can't stand them?

Asked by IBERnineD (7289points) January 6th, 2010

I was talking to a friend of mine about Grey’s Anatomy the other day and when she asked why I still watched it, I simply said because I enjoy watching shows that make me angry. I got to thinking that the majority of the shows I watch piss me off to no end, I like yelling at the TV and being annoyed I guess. It’s almost like when you smell something bad but continue to smell it anyway, just to say “man that smells bad!” Another example is one of my friends makes this face whenever she takes a picture of herself. It’s awful, and every time I see it I get really annoyed, but I took the time to find all of the pictures she has made this face in and I made a collage.
Why do I do this to myself? I have no idea. Is there anyone else who does stuff like this? Or do I just like to not like things?

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Nope. I may look at soccer on occasion if someone else is watching, but won’t alone. I could watch that stuff, not really enjoy it, but still not in the “can’t stand” category.

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No. I don’t do that.

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I got the My So Called Life series on DVD for the holidays. I love, love, love, the episodes (expect for the Halloween and Xmas ones) but there’s a few that have commentary from the directors, writers, actors, etc voiced over them. It’s the most self-congratulatory crap ever. It’s like, “This is the most beautiful camera work ever caught on film. I am so amazing for having thought of this… how brilliant I am.” I hate it. But I cannot stop watching it.

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If you are watching it then obviously you can stand it.

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I’m not the way at all. I simply won’t watch a movie, TV show or commercial if it annoys me or makes me mad. I also find myself increasingly repulsed by overt violence and sex and big-budget special effects on the big or small screen. (Why pay to whince? is my motto). Maybe that’s why I love old movies so much. As a rule, gentler with their story-telling.

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@tinyfaery I like your answer.

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I rented Batman and Robin once for the sole purpose of making fun of how bad it is.

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@J0E thank you! It’s like watching horrible horror movies because they are so horrible!

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@IBERnineD I think its more fun to watch a bad movie with a bunch of friends rather than a good one.

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can’t say I do that, if its a “train wreck” movie sometimes I’ll keep watching just to see how bad/absurd it can get, the standard it’s so bad it’s good thing, but for the most part if it’s really horrid (something in the category of “who in their right mind spent money to make this and wtf am I doing watching it?”), it goes off.

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I read the first Twilight book. Hated it. Read the rest of them.

I watched the first Saw movie. Hated it. Watched all the rest of them. (The sixth one just last night, as a matter of fact.)

I hate Survivor. I’ve never missed an episode.

I stopped liking The X-Files after the seventh season but never missed an episode of that, either. I even watched all of The Lone Gunmen…

When people give movies horrible reviews, it makes me want to see them way more than if they give a positive review.

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@MacBean I love you, that is how Grey’s Anatomy was for me! After a certain season it just went down hill and I can’t stop watching it!

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@IBERnineD: I watched Grey’s for quite a while after I started hating it, but Izzie wound up being seriously way too much for me to handle. If someone tells me something particularly cracked out is going to happen, I’ll still turn it on and semi-watch, though. It’s Train Wreck Syndrome. It’s horrible, but you just can’t look away!

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I watch those animal abuse commercials every time even though they make me cry. I know I can just change the channel.

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I saw a video on YouTube of a very young man who had a heart attack and died right on the footy pitch. I was shocked, but, yes, I watched it again, I suppose to really take it in. I’ve stopped watching vids like those, though, they’re morbid.

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Yes, I’m just the way you describe, but to a more limited extent. When I see something extremely embarrassing happening to a character I like on a television show, there is a limit to how much I can take before I have to change the channel.

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Yes this is why I watch Toddlers & Tiaras – I just can not believe there are people like that – I watch them as this ‘other’ like an anthropologist from the 18th century who treated their subjects like barbarians

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I actually sat through an entire episode of the show Friends one time and that was a painful and completely forgettable experience. I learned from that one instance to never, ever do that again.

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