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Would you buy the Apple tablet?

Asked by itmustbeken (233points) January 6th, 2010

The spec’s are sketchy but here’s what I found:
2.26GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and support for up to 8GB of RAM, two USB 2.0 ports, an SD card slot, built-in speakers and mic and a combined digital/headphone out. The screen is listed as 7.1 inches.

Sounds like illegitimate child of an iPod Touch and a Kindle.
So, if it’s priced less than $1000….would you buy one?

I wouldn’t.

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Not a chance in hell. I don’t see the appeal of a tablet, why not just get a netbook?

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Well, I guess technically this is a netbook.

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I wouldn’t buy it if it’s priced less than $10.00. Just not into that stuff.

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I’m wondering what rumor site you got those specs off of, since nothing has been announced – especially since other sites state that Apple’s own chip producer will produce chips for the supposed tablet.

does it also cure cancer and feed the poor? anything else?

why dont we wait and see what the specs are on a tablet, should it come out?

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I’d have to see how it was first. Those facts listed above aren’t for sure; here an article titled The iPhone Would’ve Sucked If the Rumors Were True. hint hint

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I’m having a hard time seeing the void between my iPhone / laptop; people talk about the portability, meh, my laptop is portable, kindle functionality – I can do that with my iPhone (though admittedly it’s not great but handy when I’m traveling) , gaming – laptop, on the fly internet – iphone, etc…

In the end I won’t say I can’t be sold but it won’t be an easy sell (though I have considered it as a laptop replacement providing it’s interface is user friendly enough).

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Not for the prices Apple will most likely charge.

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here comes the wave of “boo hoo, Apple products are expensive.” go buy a damn Acer and buy another one in 6 months.

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I would if I were a professional artist, totally. As a biologist, a laptop is more useful… although I would covert an apple tablet hardcore. :)

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I’m wondering what rumor site you got those specs off of, since nothing has been announced

Got those from The Apple Blog which has been pretty good about rumors, but who knows for certain. According to Bloomberg, there will be an Apple ‘event’ later this month and the tablet will be on sale in March.

I’ve been an Apple user for a few decades (yikes) but like Apple TV, this one leaves me scratching my head. I just don’t see what need in my life this would fill. We’ll see….

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Apple Blog isn’t even a top rumor site. Try MacRumors or something.

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@wonderingwhy et al the tablet will fill the void between your iPhone and your desktop. The laptop/netbook/ereader concept will be going down the path of the Zune, the Treo, the pager, the checkbook, the 8-track tape player, etc

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Can’t say until it’s actually announced. That’s like asking “Will you buy the car that Google, Microsoft and GM partnered together to sell? It has four tires and you can browse the internet while you drive from anywhere!”.

You simply can’t make that decision without having the first clue that such a product even exists or will be anything like the people wildly guessing at it say it will be.

Even if the specs were true, the specs don’t matter on a device like this. If it does exist it will likely have some feature or idea that no one has thought of yet or doesn’t even seem possible, like the iPhone. It’s not just going to be a big iPhone. Apple would know better than to do something like that.

Ask this question after it’s actually announced and you might get some more thoughtful or legitimate answers.

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No way those are the specs for the tablet. The Intel Core 2 Duo is not the processor selected-it is too power hungry for the form factor. Macrumors and other sites are pointing to a higher likelyhood of an ARM processor even over the homegrown PA Semiconductor chips supposedly under development. Also all those onboard features point more towards a notebook than a small-ish form factor like 7”.

I think you should read up on sites like TUAW and Macrumors for specs.

Now to answer the question-yes I will buy one-I believe it will be the next item that is the catalyst for convergence-linking home media center/TV, notebook, desktop, and cloud computing. It will push online services in a whole new direction, not just for ezines but for streaming media and IPTV.

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Apple Blog isn’t even a top rumor site. Try MacRumors or something.

Which is exactly why I would take their information over MacRomors, any day.

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That doesn’t make any sense…IAC rumors are rumors, all indications point to the intention that Steve Jobs doesn’t want to just release a ‘netbook’ in this iSlate or whatever it ends up being called. Seriously, check MacRumors or TUAW as you’ll see far more corroborating evidence on their sites that the push is toward defining something different from the fray. Thus the differing specs issue.

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i want one, ill work out its use once i get it… ;-)

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