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Who wants to take a cool sip of NaturalMineralWater and congratulate on the 10k?

Asked by eponymoushipster (20262points) January 6th, 2010


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CONGRATS!!! coolest username ever.

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Bubbly or flat? Oh, must be bubbly – it’s a celebration! Congratulations!

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We disagree on many issues – so it goes. A big congratulations to you , nonetheless

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Congrats NMW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What a great day for 10K! Congrats!

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Congrats to an even newer inhabitant of 10K-land!!! :-D

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Congratulations NMW!!

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Congratulations! Now let’s pour a little vodka in that NaturalMineralWater and get this party started!

Woot woot!

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WOW, one after the other!
Congrats @NaturalMineralWater !!

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Congratulations @NaturalMineralWater You’ll make an excellent addition to the 10K Mansion. Maybe I’ll be part of that world one day… Good Job!

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Don’t get too excited too excited by this thread, ep. It can only end in humping.

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Mazel Tov™!

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Nice Job! Congrats!

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Tazel Mov!

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Congrats! I hope there are enough wine glasses in the 10K mansion for all this partying. :)

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Congraaaats! You really deserve it, NMW. I just know they’ll all love you in the mansion, you’re a great member, and I’m glad you’ve finally made it to 10K!

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Yay!!! Welcome to the mansion!!!

Your suite is almost ready and has a full relaxing spa!

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@Dog She’s one lucky dog to have you to live with, pampering her like that.

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Woah, another? There must be something in the water!. Heh.

Congrats!!! The mansion.. she be fillin’ up!

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Definitely one of the more interesting user names.


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baruch ata!

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Man, there is a lot of 10k action going on this week!

C O N G R A T S to NMW!

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Congratulations Naturalmineralwater! Cake for all!

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Hey, congratulations to you man, enjoy the party! cheers!

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Congratulations on reaching 10k. You are a thoughtful Flutherite, whose contributions here are welcome.

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Your views are controversial, but variety is the spice of life. Congratulations!

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Congrats @NaturalMineralWater! You make it interesting around here. I enjoy reading your comments.

Much lurve,
Your secret lurver. :)

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Another one climbs the ladder. Way to go. :-)

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nmw, you would! ;)

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Happy 10K day! Congrats and cupcakes!

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NMW!!!! Congrats on a big accomplishment!
They should give you some kind of award for this!
oh, they do?
Well, they should publish your name and icon on the 15 minutes of fame window!
they do that too?
Well, everyone should tell you how great you are!
that’s what this is?
Then jello shots and pancakes all around! Huzzah!

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Congrats to you!!!

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Congratulations @NaturalMineralWater!!

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Cheers! I’m have spiced wine for you as I type.

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Yay! Another of my favorite jellies made it! Congrats on a well-deserved 10k!

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Congratulations. Well done.

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Congrats, and now I’m thirsty because of your cool useename !!!!!!

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Happy 10K!! Keep on truckin’!!

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Congratulations on this fine 10K day! Much lurve to you and here’s to 10K more!

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Congrats!! 10K is awesome :)

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Hey way to go! you totally deserve another 10k!!!! another quality jelly hits up the mansion!

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Congrats!!! haard ti typ after all theesh partys

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CONGRATS!!!! woooooohoooo

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happy congratulations!!

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A most hearty and deserved CONGRATULATIONS to such a fine and distinguished Jelly!!

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You’ve made me think and you’ve made me mad; you’ve made me smile and you’ve made me sigh..

Good on ya, @NaturalMineralWater.

Or, as we say in my persnickety faith, Mazel Tov (tm pd)!

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Congratulations, @NaturalMineralWater, and thank you for bringing an ever-distinctive point of view to our pages.

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10k on both your houses!!! (this is my new thing, just go with it, and congratulations!)

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You can never have too much water unless you can’t swim and it’s best when it’s not distilled. Congratulations, @NaturalMineralWater. May you remain unfiltered forever!

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Congratulations! You’re effervescent!

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Agree or disagree, I always enjoy reading your thoughtful posts.

Hooray for you on reaching 10K.

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Always refreshing.
10 K heart all the way. Someone hit him up and let him know there’s a Party. We need a 10K convention hall someplace around here….oh yes it’s the guest of honor!~

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Hey, thanks everyone! It’s a nice surprise to come home from another long, frozen day at work to the jubilant (and occasionally hysterical or insane) cheers of fellow jellies. Now… who wants white and who wants red? And yes, for the non-drinkers… there’s plenty of water.

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You know you have a guest pass. Don’t worry I got the door.
I pity the fool!

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I think I last agreed with you on the tenth of never, but it’s exciting to have you in the lagoon.

Good work fellow jelly.

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Lol, fun to see how many people often disagree with me. XD Well, I just don’t find that very agreeable.

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@NaturalMineralWater: Doesn’t mean we don’t lurve ya. Now c’mon…give cookie-man a bear hug.

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@SeventhSense Yes! Do I get the VIP treatment that goes along with it?

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@cprevite Who in the blazes is cookie man? XD

My blind eyes at long last locked onto your avatar and focused.

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All night long peaches…

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OY VEY! congrats mistah

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I feel like I’m moving up in the world!

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Sorry I’m late! Congratulations, NMW! You make Fluther a more interesting place. :)

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Happy 10K!! It’s nice to see you strolling the halls . Isn’t it grand?

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Congrats! I’ll be making some cupcakes with natural mineral water for the party!

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@augustlan Thanks!

@Judi It is grand! Piano too!

@Cupcake W/ sprinkles?! Hell yeah!

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A toast. Here’s to you! I raise my glass of natural mineral water. Cheeeeeeeers !!

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Where’d he go?

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