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How do you feel about cats?

Asked by Spinel (3220points) January 6th, 2010

Some find them sassy and charming…others find them selfish and nasty. How do you feel about cats? Do you like or dislike them? Why do you feel this way? What experience has led you to this opinion?

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I love pussy.

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They are great. Awesome even.
Exit, stage right.

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I like them. They’re a lot less work than dogs.
Experience being that I’ve had cats since I was a kid, and had a dog. The dog was way too much work.

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I love cats dearly, but my cat KiKi doesn’t. He says, “I’m the King Cat and don’t you forget it!”

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I LOVE cats, my cat is the man. He’s cooler then some of my friends

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They’re delicious.

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I love cats. I have three tabby cats-two orange and one gray. I have always been a cat person. I like well trained, well mannered dogs alright but have no desire to own one. I like that cats are independant, they don’t bother anyone, they don’t crap on the rug and eat the crotch out of my underwear i had no idea this was an issue until I read the thread about it yesterday and best of all they sit quietly on your lap and purr.

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I love love love cats.. my life is incomplete without a kitty. I find them endlessly entertaining and love their randomness and independence.

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I love them. Then they spill my glass of water on my pillow late at night and I hate them.

It’s a love/hate relationship.

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You mean couch-warmers? Great. Except for the claws.

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I got my cat in 1996 from the Shelter in Guam. She has cataracts now, clocks her head constantly on stuff. I love her, and she loves me though she won’t admit it. It’s more like I’m her human.

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I like cats but am very allergic to them so we have an uneasy relationship.

I needs to get me a sphynx cat

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I love them well enough to have three indoor cats. But not enough to have four.

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<——- loves kitties! But I’m allergic. :(

Dogs are great and friendly, but kitties seem smarter. And the last cat I was able to live with was also very friendly. Aw, now I miss Jolie (14 Aug. 1984— 30 Dec. 1999). :/

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@aprilsimnel- Boy. That really sucks!

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I have always had cats ever since I was a kid.Since I have been married I have introduced my family to keeping them as pets.We have two now and they are part of the family.

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love cats and have had them all my life in fact I’ll probably be getting a new maine coon kitten in a few months. I like’em because they’re independent and low maintenance (well for the most part). When they want something they let you know, when they’re done with you they’re equally clear, but no matter what you’re always theirs… er they’re always yours >.> But I have to say those hairless ones, they creep me out.

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@wonderingwhy – My ex just got a Maine Coon kitten and she is so awesome! Not only is she the most adorable postcard kitten, she’s incredibly snuggly and lovey, and she has a really funny, goofy personality. You’re lucky. :)

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@uberbatman I’ve always wanted a sphynx cat too! I’d name it Yoda. :)

I love cats. We always had several when I was a kid, and I always preferred them to the dogs. Cats are so independent, but warm and cuddly. I haven’t had a cat for quite a while now, and I miss having a warm kitty sleep on my feet at night. I miss ferocious kitten attacks that leave burning scratches up and down my arms, and I miss laughing hysterically at a playing cat’s antics.

However, I don’t miss cat hair on my clothes or having a litter box to maintain. Someday I will gladly put up with those things again so I can have a feline friend!

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I admit that I am a cat person. I love cats. Mostly because I’m lazy and they are WAY easier to take care of than dogs.

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I’m like @aprilsimnel. Love them, but I’m allergic.

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<Not a cat person….but, I wouldn’t do anything to harm them.

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I love all animals – have 3 cats of my own – Barsik, Cordie and Roxie

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I love most, but not all kitties. I have a marvelous cat at the moment, she loves me to a ridiculous level. She tries to follow me out of the house when I go to work, when I get home she follows me around meowing and purring, if I sit down she almost always jumps up onto my lap and licks my arms (or bites if I’m wearing a thick sweater!). That last one makes it hard to eat meals sometimes, but it’s very adorable. I do wish she shed less, though… She’s calico, so her fur shows up on everything.

I wonder why do many jellys are cat people?? Any theories?

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I like cats.
Well maybe not hairless ones, but I don’t hate them. They’re just my least favorite.

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I am not a huge fan of cats mainly because they are independent. Cats see you walk in the door and they look at you then go back to whatever they are doing- almost like saying, “oh it’s you hmph, well- welcome to my house” dogs on the other hand run up to you and greet you with excitement. I like cats don’t get me wrong, but I prefer the dependent animal.

Also cats have sandpaper tongues which is odd and makes me think they are evil. Jk Ouch they show love, but it feels like nails on a chalkboard.

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@AstroChuck, it did. It does. :(

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Why does everybody think dogs are so difficult to take care of?

Feed. Walk. Poop. Repeat.


Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

@Mike_Hunt they are so my favorite – if they didn’t cost that much and if I wasn’t against paying for pets, I’d totally get one

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Ahh, but are you forgetting the wonders of puppyhood?

jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities's avatar

Ok, I’ll give you that. But that’s why I always adopt a 2–3 year old from an animal shelter.

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I do like dogs, and would like to have one again someday. I’m trying to wear down my husband’s resistance to dobermans. I really hate not getting my way! In fact, I like most animals. I just prefer cats!

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities I agree, dogs are very easy to take care of. And they love you unconditionally. Cats have this attitude that they can live without their humans.

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@jmah I LOVE that last picture of the cat on the fluther keyboard!

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I have found cats to be very cute and affectionate creatures, but my heart goes out to all dogs. I have noticed dogs can be much more loyal, playful, enjoyable, and even affectionate than cats. I have heard that whether or not a person chooses a cat or dog defines a lot about their personality too, which is interesting, but I noticed to be true.

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@Narl That’s my boy, Frankie. :)

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities – totally agree! People hate to care for dogs because well, as americans, lets face it, we are pampered lazy! O_O I actually find dog care very therapeutic though. Walking the dog outside for example. And I love the look on my dogs face when I feed him, it makes me feel so happy ^______^ Washing? I burn so many calories doing that, it is like a weekly work out for me :3 Also enjoyable!

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I agree with @Glow .

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dog is god spelled backwards

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Cats are much better friends than humans, and they’re even better strangers. I’ve never seen a strange cat who wasn’t totally honest about whether it wanted to associate with me or not. Cats also break off relationships better than people do — when a cat has had enough, the cat doesn’t torture you with a wishy-washy departure. Cats are better communicators than humans in every way.

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Although there is one cat named Milo that I’m partial to. This is for Gailcalled.

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Cats are great.

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I grew up with dogs, never ever thought I’d be a cat person because my grandma had a nasty one when I was very small – made me think I hated cats.

Then I moved out on my own. About 6 months later I decided I was lonely and wanted a cat. I got a 3 month old kitten. He’s been my best friend for a year and a half and I wouldn’t trade him for a dog. He sleeps with me when he wants to, watches what I do on the computer, makes me laugh, comes to see me when I get home from work, let’s me talk to him like he’s a person, plays fetch. I can go away for three days and he still loves me when I come back.

Now we both live back at my parents’ house. The dog house. And my mom doesn’t want me to leave again because she’ll miss my cat. “We’re just starting to become friends,” she says.

Because cats are awesome, and I wish I had known that 24 years ago.

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Pretty funny — I acquired the “exhibitionist” award for answering this question while 10 people were observing. Mouse over the button and it says “act boldly but beware the typo” — there was a typo in my answer.

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My mom loved cats. She loved cats so much that when I was a child we had four females, none spayed. I refer to mine as the poster family for irresponsible pet ownership All four had litters at the same time we had about 25 kittens running around the house. That experience ruined me for cats for a long time. Then I grew up and got one as a pet and I was sold. I have a dog now and I am planning to adopt a cat soon.

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@SuperMouse That must have been crazy! My parents were always good about spaying and neutering, but after my mom moved out my dad adopted a couple of strays and never got around to having them spayed. They each had 5 kittens a week apart. We also had 7 other cats at the time. My dad never put off taking new cats to the vet again. But man, those newborn kittens were adorable!

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I am cat crazy – freakishly so. I love them and have had them most of my life.

I’ve been known to borrow them from other people, too… I’m pretty much the best cat sitter, ever ; )

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@MissAusten wow! I thought mine was the only house overrun by kittens! You are right, the kittens were awfully cute. My favorite memory is of walking into the room where the cats and kittens were and seeing all three of my big, tough, bad-ass brothers lying on their stomachs playing with the kittens.

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hehe, Figbash, the cat borrower.

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I always hear people say, “Cats are too independent. A cat won’t greet you at the door. A cat won’t snuggle and be affectionate.” This is so untrue in my experience! Sure, there are aloof, unsnuggly cats, but the majority I’ve met have been friendly and enjoy lovin’ as much as any dog. My cats have always come to the door to greet me when I get home, they enjoy sleeping with me, and not one of them didn’t/doesn’t like a good snuggle. My current cat will meow like crazy, it sounds like she’s begging for food, but what she really wants is to be picked up and loved on.

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I love all animals – even the slimy ones.

I have cats because they suit me and are one of the animals I can routinely take great care of. I’d love to have a bird but just don’t have the money to care for a macaw properly. I’d love to have a dog but there are days I can’t get out of bed so that wouldn’t be fair to the little fella.

My cats greet me, won’t let me go to the bathroom alone (dangerous in there donchaknow), alert me when my blood sugar is going off, demand snuggle time and talk to me. Don’t know what I’d do without them.

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@SuperMouse My dad used to rant and rave, “No more animals! Don’t bring any more animals into this house!” When we’d show up with a stray dog or cat (or raccoon), he’d throw a fit and insist we find it a new home that very minute. Within half an hour, he’d be curled up on the couch with the new addition. When we’d say, “So, I think I found a home for the kitten,” he’d say, “This kitten has a home, dammit!”

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I think they’re cute but I really don’t care for them much. They like to pee on clothes and just about anything they can sit their butt down on. Plus they claw furniture to pieces.

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

<< Cat person. Two purebreed Persians, Angel (black) and Simba (gray).

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I like cats.

But then, I like all animals.

Currently the household has two cats (soon to be three), one dog, a cockatoo, and an African gray parrot.

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I’d better feel pretty good about them since we have 5 of them in our household. They’ve got unique personalities and try your patience sometimes but more often than not, I think they’re great to have around and overall excellent pets.

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Coolest animals ever. Just the things they are capable of is amazing.

I love my kitties. I love all kitties, big and small.

They are the only pets that have managed to become human companion without losing their sense of independence.

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<——- cat guy.

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My name is Sy. I’m Austinlad’s cat. I’m a very smart little Siamese boy and right now, while he’s downstairs watching TV, I’m in his den replying to this question. Austinlad (not his real name) dotes on me as if I were his son. He feeds me twice a day, cleans my litter box every morning, brushes me regularly, and brags about me to all his friends. I know he loves me and I love him too except for two things: he won’t let me go outside alone, and once a year he takes me to the vet for my shots, which I hate. This year at the vet the doctor had to put a blanket over my head to get the needle in my butt! I showed Austinlad how pissed off I was by hiding under his bed the rest of the day. That showed HIM.

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@gailcalled There’s my favorite feline.

gailcalled's avatar

Dear Sy: Do you let Austinlad clip your nails, speaking of being pissed off? Gail has some lovely new scratches on both her forearms, I am proud to say. xox Milo

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How do I feel about cats?

I start at the head, and run my hand down their back, to their tail.
I really don’t feel about them anywhere else.

Austinlad's avatar

Dear gailcalled, yes, I forgot to mention that I let Austinlad clip my nails front and back about every 10 days. I sit patiently and quietly while he does this, and when he’s finished, I jump up like somebody struct a match under my butt and run under his bed. That shows HIM!

gailcalled's avatar

Dear Sy: Does Austinlad drug you first? Milo

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No! We can’t let this conversation between Sy and Milo occur! The reason cats haven’t dominated the globe is because of their lack of capability to converse beyond their house (or in some cases, neighborhood). This is the start of something very dangerous.
I hereby don my Mod cap (I made it with papier mache, and I put a sheriff badge on it!) and ban Milo and Sy from ever conversing again!

gemiwing's avatar


How can someone not want this?

Or perhaps a piece of this?

Austinlad's avatar

Sorry, Sarcasm, I want to talk to my new friend Milo. Austinlad got an Rx for kitty tranquillizers but he chickened out giving it to me, for which I am grateful.

aprilsimnel's avatar

I, for one, would welcome our new kitteh overlords!

gymnastchick729's avatar

They make me sneeze!!! however, they are really cute when they are kittens

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Thank you, aprilsimnel. My felines were kinda hurt by what Sarcasm said. ;-) Sy

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I loathe cats. They constantly crowd around me. Even the most timid hidey cats always come out when I am around. They are so stupid. They don’t know what a terrible human being I am.

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Cats are born narcissists. They’re sweet but have a sadistic streak.

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@daloon they know you dont want them around. They do the same friggin thing to me.

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The more I meet people, the more I like cats.

SeventhSense's avatar

Been working out huh? :)~

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My niece has been cat sitting for Aunt Jen (me) for a week. I think that her and Frankie are bonding.

How could you not love the kittehs?

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@jmah That is so cute! I love Frankie’s expression. :D

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@Spinel Sure it’s cute and all, but, he’s been away from me for a week and I miss him like crazy. ;-)

Jude's avatar

After 20 minutes of him sitting in this plastic bag, we decided to do a little play. Notice him chomping at the veins in my wrist.

Jude's avatar

The newest addition. I pick her up in a few days.

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@jmah Oh I want a tuxedo!

MissAnthrope's avatar


Jude's avatar

(Oh, I’ll be moving soon into a large apartment (loft) that allows all pets, so, I’m thinking about getting Crooks. He seems like a great boy and he’ll be a buddy for Rudy).

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@jmah: MIlo here; Now she’s my kind of cat. Just make sure you have four sneakers to fit, when she needs to go to a formal opening.

Jude's avatar

@gailcalled There’s just something about those black and white felines…:)

She’s a pretty girl, I know.


I love cats as much as I love dogs. I think it’s silly how people always try to pit cats against dogs, separate “cat people” from “dog people”, etc. Yes, they are different from dogs, but not that much different. They are lovable, and a lot are huggable. I owned a cat for 19 years, and I loved her just as much as all the dogs I’ve had.

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