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What should I do with my old computer?

Asked by RocketSquid (3465points) January 6th, 2010

I have an old computer that I just can’t seem to give away or make use of. It’s an old Athlon 64 2.4 ghz with a gig of ram, 160 gigs total hard drive space and a 256 meg Radeon X750 video card.

I originally had set up as a TV pc, but once I got a long enough cable I hooked up my main workstation to the television with much better results. Now it just sits in my closet taking up space. It’s far from bleeding edge up-to-date, but it’s nice enough that I don’t want to just throw it out.

I had given some thought to finding a cheap, small LCD monitor and making it into a really elaborate digital clock, but it’s way too loud to have running all the time.

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Save the things inside that are still operable. You might never need them but you never know.

Huck the rest at random cars.

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Throw Win Home Server SP 3 on it and beef up the hard drives.

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Turn it into a stripped down linux box

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Why not donate it? There are schools/teachers/special ed kids/mental health community centers that would love to have it. Tax write-off as well.

You could hook it up to a projector and make slideshows, art installations etc.

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Actually, that’s almost on-par with what I run for a desktop system. It still does WinXP and most games well enough.

There is also the possibility of making it into a home server. You don’t need much RAM or CPU to pull that off.

Other possibilities are donating it, giving it to someone you know who has no PC or a relic (I got my last three systems that way), or turning it into a “sandbox” to teach yourself Linux or programming or something without fear of wiping out your main system.

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@jerv A home server! What a wonderful idea!

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if its a scraper…try to find a proper electronic recycling facility,...just google some for your city or county…

here is a few

those are just the first few off of google

but if i were you id donate it to one of these…i donated mine a few years ago…and i had gotten a letter from a school in Detroit who one particular student seem to excelled, graduate with a very GPA and get into MIT on a scholarship, the school claimed was due to the fact he had this computer to learn on after school….

again those are just a few off of googles first page…

cheers mate…good luck

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I’ve got a 10-year-old PIII that I use as a print server. I let my kid play her games on it, too. It’s on a KVM switch with my 2-year-old desktop that I use most of the time. I’d suggest getting one of those. It’s useful to have another computer handy when the other one is busy running a scan or applying updates.

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Make it into a Domain controller, and we can make it a file server. This way, our files are encrypted, and we can download directly to shared drives!!!

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My internet computer (I have many others for other purposes) is an AMD 64 Athlon 3200 2.1ghz, 128mb Video radeon, 1gb Ram, 160gb hdd, 40 gb slave, that I built myself from discard computers. It works just fine for forums and regular use, even downloads is not that bad. I got about 8 computers that I use for different things. The Gaming computer is 3 times better than this one. I got an old P3 1ghz Win 98 that I use for older games and software.

I suggest you keep it as a spare as computers have a way of dysfunctioning at the worse times. I’ve gone through about 10 computers in the past 8 years and not always my fault, just secondhand components wearing out, and a “spare” is always handy.

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