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Have you seen the sticker with the yellow elephant?

Asked by scruffpuff (182points) January 7th, 2010

In San Francisco I always see these stickers around town. It’s a yellow elephant with a red star on its forehead (I think) and it’s standing upright, lifting one leg as if it’s about to start dancing. Is this some kind of Ganesh thing that I’m not privy to?

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It might be related to something called Operation Yellow, which was began as a protest against the war in Iraq.

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Here’s what I can glean on the internet.

First, I searched for “yellow elephant sticker” on Google image search. When I found what appeared to be the image you’re talking about, I looked closely and saw “APPA” on the elephant’s leg.

I did a Google web search and found this information:

It appears to be a social experiment, similar to school kids releasing helium balloons to see how far away they will travel, except the medium is a bumper sticker.

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@FlipFlap I started the same way you did, but I didn’t come up with the correct answer

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Nice work @FlipFlap !

I posted a link to this thread on that fellow’s Flickr page to help spread the knowledge of Appa.

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His name is Appa! Appa the dancing elephant :)

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