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What should be done to people that answer questions on Fluther with single line answers suggesting the use of Google?

Asked by Futomara (420points) January 7th, 2010

Personally, I think they should be banned for life. But that’s just me. Sure, there are options to flag the response as being unhelpful, but responding by suggesting using Google in a single line response misses the whole point of Fluther and the collective. Of course this assumes that Google would have been used in the first place to get an answer if it is a question that can be answered doing a simple Google search. What are your thoughts?

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Nothing, ignore it, i’d say

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It’s sufficient that their question be modded off. Just flag it.

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You should hit the “Great Answer” button for them.

If someone is telling you to search Google, it’s almost always because the answer is in fact easily found through Google. Why should jellies waste their time crafting thoughtful answers when a simple Google search will suffice? Fluther should be reserved for those questions that can’t be easily found through search engines.

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Lol….‘what should be done’ as if we’re going to present them to a firing squad…..I personally think some people ask dumb questions that can be googled, I’ve done it too. Nothing should be done because this site is public and people have the choice of simple disregarding an answer.

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Do what I do: put them on your secret anti-lurve list.

Marina oftentimes suggests good google searches for jellies in a non-combative or dickish way. I think we can all learn from her.

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Usually it’s only done on terribly obvious questions, and even then, it’s usually done politely.

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I’m just curious: banned for life? What about this makes you so damned angry?

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@pdworkinI’M NOT ANGRY! WHAT MAKES YOU THINK I’M ANGRY? lol If I was angry I would have suggested they be presented to a firing squad…. Actually, I’m just bored and curious. My question is asked out of curiosity to learn the collective’s feelings on the subject. After all, my Magic 8-Ball is generally more reliable than the collective anyways, and it never tells me, “Ask Google”.

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I suggest you look at google for the answer to this question!

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@daloon – Brilliant! Here’s Google’s search result and here’s the first result. Hmmm… Paradoxical!

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Depends on how helpful a Google search would be for the question.
If the question is answered within the first ~5 results on Google, then the person who suggested a search deserves infinity GAs.

However, if the person decides to say “Just fucking google it” and I’m unable to see the desired answer within the first few pages, then that person is a dick, and deserves no GAs.

You’d be surprised how many questions are answered by Google. Half of the questions that I answer (the objective ones, at least. Not opinion questions), I get the answer from Google, and by results within the first page. No joke.

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Ignore them I guess, but banning them for life is a little harsh.

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Banhammer is way too harsh. Some people just have a better knack than others for finding things through google. Just flag it and be done with it.

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It’s significantly less douchey than using Let Me Google That For You.

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Oh, come on – the users who ask questions that could be easily answered on Google are the offenders, not the answers. By the way, I suggest the use of instead of Google, because you can find your answer and support you favorite charity.

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Suggest that these people should rather use a parameterized Google queries with multiple search terms, for example like

Novice users will learn how to use Google in a better way.

I’m very pleased to note that result number 1 is the new Wikipedia article: – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In addition to viewing the site on a normal web browser, Fluther also offers a mobile version of its site to smart phone users. Users can also subscribe to an RSS feed… Awards, along with Lurve, are incentive for site participation.

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